Social Media Newsletter 17/05/2013

Hello everyone! Please check out this week’s social news…. From Gordon Ramsay to songs in space…

Partnerships and Acquisitions

  • Yahoo announces a partnership with Twitter- What will this mean? It will bring real time tweets from politicians, celebrities and alike straight into the Yahoo news content. Great news for Yahoo.


Social Media  meltdown caused by Gordon Ramsay– A man who I personally can’t bear to watch due to his over exuberant hand gestures and unnecessary swearing. However, his TV show Ramsay’s kitchen Nightmares USA has brought about some seriously interesting viewing this week. For the first time in over 100 restaurants Gordon’s expertise has failed him- he has not been able to ‘help’ this couple turn their failing restaurant around. The reason being they are the most self-obsessed people I have ever seen. The show caused a Social media backlash and instead of taking the criticism in their stride they have had the biggest social media meltdown I’ve ever seen. Since the meltdown they’ve posted “Obviously our Facebook, YELP, Twitter and Website have been hacked.” – (Obviously not judging by your behaviour on the show) and deleted all of their previous comments. Luckily numerous blogs covered it so check them out on Sick Chirpse.

Gordon Ramsay

Are you a sexist on Twitter? According to Twee-Q most of us are. Whether you are sexist or not depends on which genders you retweet according to this… Good one.

Cool campaigns




Viral Video-

Finally if you have got this far check out my blog post I did for SickChirpse- I guarantee the video will put a smile on your face. (If you haven’t seen it already).

Written by Tom Gatenby


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