In the outside world: 17th May

Interesting media-related links this week from Anjali Ramachandran, Head of Innovation (@anjali28).



Audi’s Start-Stop technology switches off the engine when the car stops at a traffic light and turns it back on when it’s time to move. The Start-Stop app does a similar thing for your phone: it alerts you to apps that are draining battery without being used.

Audi – “Start-Stop” app from DDB España on Vimeo.

Why: Usefully conveys the benefits of the product through media.


In a connected world, here are some simple useful rules to plan your comms by.

Why: The best rules are always the simplest.

Some students from Hyper Island are creating a pop-up agency – they’ll fly around the world to lend agencies their smarts for 48 hours precisely.

Why: This takes agile working to its extreme.

If Ikea furniture is too plain vanilla for you, jazz it up with designs custom-made for Ikea, yet not produced by Ikea.

Why: Where there’s a gap in the market, someone will step in.


If you’re thinking of buying something, what better way to test-drive it than by really knowing what it is like to be a member of the tribe? Well done Harley-Davidson, Sao-Paolo.

Why: Uses the behavioural economics principle of the endowment effect well: once you feel a sense of ownership, you’re less likely to walk away from the actual purchase.

Access to public transport & recycling, combined in one simple action: a sort of beercan Oyster pass. See how it worked in Rio.

Why: This is a really simple way of encouraging positive action by building on existing behaviour.

What do most people do with most pre-roll ads? We skip them. Volkswagen automatically skips them for you too, to show how the VW Beetle with Tiptronic transmission works (it automatically shifts gears for you).

Why: As with the first link in this email, it usefully conveys the benefits of the product through media. I’m also aware they are both automotive brands, coincidentally!

Another automotive brand innovation, Toyota introduced the Toyota Collaborator project with Google Plus at this week’s Google I/O conference: you can co-create a car with friends and talk to a local car dealer through Google Hangouts. Still in prototype stage though.

Why: Innovative use of the Hangout technology by a brand, a definite first.


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