PHD Introduces…Nathalie Coulibeuf

Who are you?
Nathalie Coulibeuf


What do you do? (in 10 words or less)
I am head of social at PHD. With my team we look after everything related to social media.

Are you on Twitter?

Yes @Glueberrybaker

Would you rather not need sleep or not need food?
Not need to sleep. I love food too much to stop.

Would you rather speak all languages or talk to all the animals?
I would love to speak as many languages as I can. Anyway I talk to animals (I just don’t understand them).

We’re going to the pub, what would you like?
I would like a Guiness in winter and a pimm’s in Summer. I can also easily say yes to a G&T.

Do you have a guilty pleasure? If yes – share!
Many… I can easily eat 2 packets of sweets a day. When I am in France I can eat an entire baguette with butter every morning.
I also eat toast with butter and nutella (yes both of them).

Lose your phone or your hearing?
Phone without a doubt

Seen anything weird lately?
I still find weird the fact that English guys wear T-shirt when is -5 outside… I will never get that but I am kind of jealous because I am always cold.

Do you collect anything?
I don’t really collect. But I have a lot of glasses. In total I have probably between 40 and 50 pairs (without sunglasses).


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