Squared 2013: An Industry Review

Natasha Halhead (@nat_erz), Media Assistant at PHD,  continues her series of posts on her experience this year at Google Squared.

Over the last month, 37 of Adland’s freshest faces have been hard at work in a small office hidden away on Tottenham Court Road, trying our hands at everything from getting inner-city school children excited about Shakespeare, to advising The Prince’s Trust on how to optimise their search strategy.

But why?

This gathering of industry newcomers from creative, media and digital backgrounds is the result of 300 hours’ worth of crowdsourced research into the skills and attitudes that the industry needs from the next generation.

The insights gleaned from this crowdsourcing activity fed into the development of Squared, a Google led-initiative designed to empower the leaders of the tomorrow by providing them the digital, technological and leadership skills that their workplaces need today; skills that no current university course can afford them.

The culmination of a month’s worth of intensive training and live briefs came last week, where during a showcase graduation event last Friday,  a State of The Industry documentary was released.  This is no “what did you do over your weekend” effort; we’re talking pithy insights on big industry topics like inter-agency collaboration, the language barrier of technology, and balancing client needs with agency ambition.

This is a vital insight into the understanding of our industry on our industry; after all we’re talking about an industry in shift, where everyone’s learning how to evolve as fast as the technology we deal with, challenge the established way of doing things, and learn how to work together as one homogeneous body to produce great, effective work.

Check out the article The Drum have written about our efforts! 

Also please have a sneak peek at Squared 2013 Leaders of the Advertising Industry – realistic or idealistic?

I would just like to say a massive thanks to my team for picking up my workload over the past month and really for the opportunity to have had the privilege to take part in this amazing experience.

We are all Squared, aren’t we?


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