In the outside world

Links courtesy Anjali Ramachandran, Head of Innovation.

A quick set of links this week – happy reading!

Social innovation

The World Wildlife Fund sporadically changed the colour of a football pitch from green to brown during a match to convey the importance of stopping deforestation.

Hats off to the Guardian for launching Witness, sponsored by EE. A lovely vehicle for citizen journalism.

Standing out

This must have really spooked a lot of men out: LG put a hidden camera in a men’s toilet to show how real their screens look. Watch the video for more!

Interesting way of manipulating search: Volkswagen created a Search Engine Ad that they’re calling ‘the first ever organic ad’.


For fans of the TV series Breaking Bad, here’s how to build good content. Like crystal meth.

The New York Times asks whether new online business models are affecting the traditional TV bundling concept.

Contextual advertising with a twist: MediaBrix allows you to target ads during times when people feel positive or negative during social games.

happy mobile gamer


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