Social Media Newsletter 19/04/2013

In the world of social media this week we have some big announcements from Twitter, Zuckerberg pimping out Facebook Home, LinkedIn mobile ads and the best 6 second films you will ever see courtesy of Vine.

Twitter have introduced a potential game changer in terms of advertising – keyword targeting in timelines. This means advertisers will be able to target ads based on what people are saying in their tweets, potentially achieving far higher rates of engagement. Read more on the Advertising Blog.


Twitter Music  has finally gone live according to Techcrunch.  Twitter #music is a music discovery service, similar in a way to Pandora. It’s not a music streaming service, and Twitter isn’t (directly) selling music with it.

Following the awful scenes in Boston earlier In the week, Twitter donated a promoted Trend to help people who were most affected by the tragedy. Unfortunately, an American food website, posted on Twitter without engaging their brain and caused an outcry. Read more here.

When Twitter Q&A’s go wrong: Arsenal fans hijacked a Gareth Bale Q&A on Twitter with hilarious consequences.

Vine: The Tribeca Film festival challenged people to use Twitter’s Vine app to create 6-second films with a beginning, middle and end. Here are the best entries, watch out Fincher and Nolan!

Facebook Home – Mark Zuckerberg has been at the centre of the adverts for Facebook Home. One of them shows how Facebook Home makes it easier to be distracted. Why would you want that?

LinkedIn experimenting with ads in your mobile stream- LinkedIn has updated its mobile app for the first time since 2011 and will run a small test of “sponsored content” i.e. ads in the stream.


Viral Video:

Dove Clever Sketches: How we see ourselves and how the world sees us can be two completely different things, which is why this Dove video is so touching. A number of women were asked to give a description of themselves for a forensic artist to draw and compared it to how other people described them. The results were very interesting.

And Finally….

CRAPCHA– Everyone knows about CAPTCHA -the annoying mixture of numbers and text you have to work out and type into a website. Well CRAPCHA has been pranking people by making impossible words for them to type in order to access the site. Check it out on Mashable


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