PHD Introduces…Kate Herbert

Who are you? – Kate Herbert, Head of People at PHDKate Herbert (pitch ready)

What do you do? (in 10 words or less)  – I ensure PHD hires, manages, develops and rewards great talent.

Are you on Twitter? Yes

Would you rather be only able to whisper or only able to shout? Shout from the rafters

We’re going to the pub, what would you like? Large glass of red wine please.

Do you have a nickname? Katykins

You can eat one thing for the rest of our life – what do you pick? Percy pigs

What’s the strangest talent you have? I can turn my feet inwards so they touch – oh yes!

Seen anything weird lately? There is a guy in the gym I go to that sings really loud while he is on the treadmill… he isn’t listening to any music folks!!

What time is bed time? 10.30 (such a bore)


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