In the outside world: 12th April

Hope you’re all enjoying the slightly warmer (i.e warmer by 2 degrees C) weather we’re having, never mind the rain!

Think about getting the community to participate in what you do

Maes is a Belgian beer brand. It is also the 3rd most popular last name in the country. Despite that, they’re giving away free beer kegs to everyone who has Maes as their last name, and encouraging the friends of those (un?!)lucky people to badger them for free beer!

beer giveaway

From Pizza Express to your friendly neighbourhood sandwich shop, suddenly it seems like everyone’s asking you to Instagram pictures of your food, with nothing to give in return – rather pointless. This Swedish brand does offer something though – they’ll send you the recipe of the food item you upload Instagram pictures of so you can make it at home.

Think of being useful

Design agency Panic has built a beautiful status dashboard for the iPad. If you have a spare one lying around, stick it on the wall – go on.

Shazam is poised to become a verb as it now helps users recognize products (especially clothes) in a TV show so they can buy it if they choose.

This is how you harness energy: Schneider Energy put renewable tiles on part of the course of the Paris Marathon last week, and then the runners did their bit.

Think of interesting ways of spreading brand awareness

Forget normal OOH, the age of the Wi-Fi poster is here! Walk past one, get an alert to connect, and see what the poster’s about. Korea has launched it with a movie trailer.

Commercialising movie rentals with ads: HitBliss is a service that gives you credit to rent movies if you watch ads.

Tactical genius from the Guardian with this Marmite & Thatcher-inspired poster.

Social innovation

The city of Bath is hiring homeless people to give people tours of the place. Big Issue was involved in recruiting them and the Natural Theatre Company trained them.

Brand partnerships

YouTube has entered into deals with Universal Music and France’s SACEM to publish their music throughout the world. As the article says, ‘YouTube’s takeover of the pop music world seems to be going global.’

GE holds thousands of patents that could really be useful, perhaps even save lives. They’ve absolutely done the right thing by entering into a partnership with Quirky, the community of product creators online who can now use GE’s patents in products.

Links courtesy Anjali Ramachandran, Head of Innovation (@anjali28)


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