In the outside world: 5th April

Think of bringing your audience content that they want

The much-loved TV series Arrested Development returns to screens in May – 15 episodes that anyone can watch on Netflix in key markets. After House of Cards and the upcoming original horror series Hemlock Grove this month, this really ups the Netflix stakes.

It does seem like this is an entertainment-heavy week: Discovery Channel has also announced their first scripted miniseries.

Think of how to increase brand value in interesting ways

MTV is celebrating its 21st anniversary in Brazil, and D&AD created a lovely stop-motion music retrospective video to celebrate the event (link courtesy Rocket).

Interesting brand partnerships

Saks Fifth Avenue is launching an Employee Healthy Eating Programme in the US in partnership with LocalSqr, an app that amongst other things rewards you for shopping healthy and emails you healthy recipes with food challenges every week.


We all know about Facebook Home by now – the company is prepping its first ever TV ad, to be created by Wieden & Kennedy.

Here’s an interesting interview with Michael Comish, CEO of Tesco Digital Entertainment, on the challenges facing Blinkbox and how it is adapting to changes in the entertainment streaming habit as users’ media consumption habits change.

A nice experiment that is based on the human desire to poke at fish in fish tank: an installation where you can interact with water.

water interaction

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh has bought 100 Tesla S cars as part of the company’s Project 100 in Las Vegas, an ambitious transportation system people can use to get around without having to own a vehicle: it includes more than 100 shared bikes, 100 shared cars, and 100 shared bus stops, all for one monthly fee.

Posted by Anjali Ramachandran, Head of Innovation; @anjali28


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