Social Media Newsletter 05/04/2013

Hello all, I hope you have all had a fantastic week! The introduction of Google Nose should make it that little bit better…


Facebook have launched Facebook Home– Facebook is not building a phone and it is not building an operating system- having said that it is basically turning an Android phone into a Facebook phone.


Take a look at how to delete yourself from the internet. You can delete your social presence, but can you really remove yourself from the digital world? Via The Guardian.

Bit Coin digital currency begins acting like a real world currency after the Cyprus crisis. Commonly used for black market goods by blacklisted countries/ individuals.

Pepsi’s new cover girl is Beyoncé-  In the new ‘Mirrors’ advert Beyoncé displays a reel of Beyoncé’s past as she is joined by 3 different versions of herself? Check out Bootylicious Beyonce and more here.


UNICEF is using Pinterest in a clever way: Most users have a ‘WANT’ board to pin objects or whatever they desire in their lives. UNICEF changed themselves into Ami Rusa, a little girl from Sierra Leone and created a board “Really want these”. Here they showcased an array of things we take for granted like running water or soap. See more creative uses of Pinterest here.


And another one for those of you who want to win your perfect morning…. Check out güd’s Pinterest competition here.


4 New Google Glass apps: Still unsure what Google glass can offer? Check out this video of how Gmail, Path and Evernote will work.

Samsung are expected to reach$7.7bn in profits for Q1 2013.

New app Whisper– Allowing users to anonymously share secrets with one another- My prediction: It will start off well but end up with a load of morons sharing made up rubbish to start internet rumours.


New amazing technology from Google brings you Google Nose: Now you don’t only search for images of things you can search for the smell of it- Must See

They have also created Gmail Blue A real changer for Gmail

Hopefully by now you will have realised they were April Fools jokes – but they are not the only brands to have done one. April fools videos are a great way to get people sharing content and talking about your brand. Check out The Drum’s top 10 here.


Written by @TomGatenby1


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