Getting Squared [ ]

Natasha Halhead is a Media Assistant who is currently on the Google Squared course. She tells us more about it below, the first of a few posts about her time as a Squared student:

To begin my story, I work as a media assistant on the Mondelez planning team.  Back in January I was asked if I would like to take part in the first installment of this year’s Squared, to which I responded, HELL YES!

After a jam packed month I have had the time to have a cuppa, grab a handful of cheeky custard creams and tell you about my time so far at Squared.

So on a cold and blustery Friday morning, I ventured 2 minutes down the road to the new Google Squared HQ on Tottenham Court Road.



In this room I met the other 36 lucky rogues from the industry’s best media, digital and creative agencies. The message for us was simple: leave your comfort zone, build don’t break, make mistakes and learn by doing.

Just a little bit about the course:

Squared is an exciting 7 week programme and Google-led initiative in partnership with Hyper Island and the IPA with the mission to ‘empower the next generation of leaders to drive the industry [r]evolution’

Our creche

Our creche

The course is broken down into three parts:

The first chapter of the program is an intensive four-week course made up of foundation exercises and three group projects.

The second is where we carry out work placements back at our agencies, undertaking research about the industry and trying to apply our new skills to our day job.

And for the third and final part, we will venture back to Squared to produce an Industry Report, before wrapping up for Graduation.

Watch out for the next post about PHD at Google Squared!


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