Our work for Expedia’s ‘luggage tag’ campaign

Sarah Harte from our Expedia planning team has an update about some interesting activity we are working on for the client.


Here’s a quick update on the activity we’re currently running for Expedia’s ‘luggage tag’ campaign, which you might have already noticed on your commute to / from work over the past few weeks.

The creative utilises a combination of airport luggage tags (using their IATA codes) to make up a series of holiday themed messages.  To best showcase these we’ve contextually placed them in a range of specifically selected sites and relevant environments:

  •  To tap into the coverage and noise around the Oscars in February we ran tactical ‘ENC ORE’ press insertions around relevant editorial the day after the results were announced:


  •  10 key ABC1 tube stations have been selected to engage commuters in the lead up to Easter as they hop on & ‘ORF’ the tube:



  • To resonate with the musical theatre going audience we recommended a number of LUG 96s in close proximity to the West End to contextualise the Sound of Music link in the below creative:


  •  Finally, with a ‘GRY SKY’ being a bit of permanent feature of our 2013 weather outlook so far, a number of large digital outdoor formats (such as the below Holland Park roundabout) have been framed by an aptly grey and dreary backdrop…


Keep your eyes peeled also for our weather-enabled Digital 6 sheets coming up in May, which will alternate between ‘ELO SUN’ and ‘GRY SKY’ via a live feed depending on the temperature of the given day, as well as some further tactical press ads (‘BIG BUF MEN’ – “Admire the scenery. Book your ideal holiday today”) which will be running in a selection of targeted men’s mags and women’s glossies.



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