PHD introduces…Ramiz Abusham

Who are you? Ramiz Abusham New business executive

ramizWhat do you do (in 10 words or less) Help prepare new business pitches, assist with marketing.

Are you on twitter? Yes (my only tweet says tweet tweet) @RamizAbusham

Would you rather be super-strong or super-fast? Super- fast

Would you rather speak all languages or talk to all the animals? Talk to animals I would be the dr dolittle of the media world!

Do you want to bring sexy back? I already have

Who would win a fight, a panda or a monkey? Panda it’s the quiet ones you need to watch out for.

Seen anything weird lately? A muscley old woman in the gym last night.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Professional footballer/ rapper/ wrestler all at the same time.

Do you have any strange phobias? Spiders! Can’t stand them nothing should have that many legs.


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