In the outside world: 25th March

Think of getting people to participate:

Farmdrop is a local food movement, a new kind of online shop that allows you to buy food direct from producers through a community buying group.

Think of reinventing your process:

Kate Spade is using the lean startup mentality to bring digital deftness to their stores by replacing physical signage with iPads – a very agile process.


Storythings worked with Diesel to create a video that gave the impression of ‘glitching’ or fracturing time to tie in with a campaign for Diesel Watches.

Think of how to spread brand awareness:

The new Director of Marketing for Old Spice, Mr. Wolfdog, had a very shortlived career, but he got over 4 million views on YouTube in the process.

Tesco launches own-label price comparison coupon.

British Airways are going to hold a hackathon in an aeroplane of theirs as it crosses from San Francisco to London. The aim is to create solutions to global problems, with CEOs and venture capitalists participating. Let’s see how far they can get in 11 hours.

Brand partnerships:

Vodafone may have got out of their F1 sponsorship but Unilever have got into it, and launched a new range of deodorants for men to celebrate.


Welcome to a new kind of agency, which gives solutions to client briefs in 140 characters within 24 hours. If there’s one kind of pressure clients of the World’s Fastest Agency won’t feel, it’s that of time.

Many of you might have seen this but I thought I’d send it anyway: here’s how to make a homemade Cadbury Creme Egg for Easter!

Posted by Anjali Ramachandran, Head of Innovation; @anjali28


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