Social Media Newsletter 22/03/2013

Hello everyone. This week we have stories of Kate Upton, Google Glass and farting. (Not at the same time)

The power of social media. One lady named and shamed a crude joker at a tech conference by tweeting a picture of him. This spiralled MASSIVELY out of control.

 Adria Richards


  • Now you can pay to promote your friend’s posts. Why?
  • Planning an event on Facebook but you aren’t sure what the weather will be like that day? Well Facebook now tells you with the new added Weather Forecasts.
  • After the Pope’s inauguration mass this week he has obviously received a huge boost in his social media presence. It’s notoriously difficult to change the name of a Facebook page but you’d think Facebook would make an exception for the new Pope.

Read this break down of why Google Glass is unlikely to be around until 2014 on Mashable.

Twitter is celebrating its 7th birthday and they have put together a great video to show just what they have achieved in those 7 years.


A tip for guys struggling to get a date. All you have to do is make a YouTube video like this guy and you’ll get Kate Upton eating out of the palm of your hand. (Or just a tweet back)

YouTube is now as elite as Facebook in having 1 billion monthly active users. With this many users there is a key opportunity to really build revenue.

New App: It is still in Beta mode but is the newest competition for Siri. The big difference is that Sherpa can understand your question at a deeper level- the app understands   250,000 concepts and 5,000 syntactic and semantic rules.

Cool Campaigns

  • Tesco have started a promotion where they use Google street view for an Easter Egg hunt. Read more on #FindTheEggs here
  • Social Farting. Canada’s ministry of health created a video to bring to everyone’s attention the epidemic that is ‘social farting’. Seeing it through the eyes of one ‘social farter’ it very cleverly gets a meaningful point across!

Finally, if you have a second check out the coolest music video, it could provide inspiration for brands. It follows a man’s journey through a city in Israel but the video is shot in reverse while he moves forward.

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