Social Media Newsletter 15/03/2013

This week we have everything from boxing trolls, to social cars  and a Pepsi prank.

Twitter will launch a music service next month. Twitter supposedly acquired We Are Hunted last year and is using its technology to creat a new stand alone music app, which is rumoured to be named Twitter Music. The app will suggest artists and songs personalised to suit which accounts a user follows on Twitter. Those acts are then streamed to the user via SoundCloud. Sounds ideal to me!

twitter music

Facebook adding a #HashTag. I am surprised it has taken so long. Hashtag’s have been so beneficial for encouraging conversations on Twitter. Facebook aren’t commenting on the ‘rumour’ but I think it is the natural way forward for Facebook’s new Graph Search.

Facebook – Encouraging ‘Likes’ and discouraging ‘unLikes’

Pinterest analytics: Finally Pinterest has released a free analytics tool allowing brands to monitor users’ engagement with their sites on the social network. The analytics are still pretty basic, but no doubt this will be developed in the future. Read more on TechCrunch.

Google have begun to make cars more social. As part of Google’s new ‘Art, Copy & Code’ initiative. Google have partnered with Volkswagen to bring you the ‘Smilage’, the mobile app which makes driving more social. It’s not only cars though. They have also partnered up with Adidas to bring you a talking shoe Which seems incredibly useful?!

Obviously Google Glass has been a hot topic. Some geniuses have already found a way to block adverts on Google Glass. Check this out.

Yappem- a social network that rewards users for talking about brands. The network launched on Thursday at SXSW. It’s a place for people to share their lives as customers discussing products, making suggestions and asking for advice. I’m not convinced personally- are you?


‘Social media artwork’ to break the record for most artists participating in one art piece. The record is currently held by 201,948 who took part in a piece in London last year. Igvar have created a Facebook app which allows users to do a virtual stroke. See more on Mashable

Don’t troll celebrities on social networks. Why? Because they will come and find you. That’s what one troll found out earlier this week when one of the numerous celebrities he had tweeted abusive messages to responded in this unique way. Unfortunately for the troll the celebrity that responded in this way was professional boxer Curtis Woodhouse. Read more on the The Guardian.

Tweeting paintball: Every week there seems to be something new and ridiculous that a tweet can power. This week if you tweet #ISLPaint a paintball gun will fire a shot for you. Just what I always wanted!

Mum tried to sell her kids on Facebook: SeriouslyThe woman from Oklahoma has been arrested for child trafficking.

Pepsi/ NASCAR Stunt goes viral. When you go to buy a car you usually get to take it for a trial. Well one unsuspecting car salesman was shocked when what he thought was a standard test drive gets slightly out of hand. It turns out Pepsi had completely disguised NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and the test car was skidding round corners left right and centre! It turns out Pepsi had completely disguised NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and the test car was skidding round corners left right and centre!

Tech- Samsung Galaxy SIV

The smartest phone yet. Check out what it has to offer here.  Eyesight recognition enables a ‘smart pause’ system to notice when someone looks away and then pause a video for a second or two!

Usually it is Samsung rinsing Apple in their adverts. This time is is Samsung getting trumped by LG.  Samsung had a giant ad urging consumers to “Be Ready 4 The Next Galaxy” in Times Square. Seeing this, LG has used the (larger) ad space just above that to tell the world that the “LG Optimus G is here 4 you now”.
Written by @TomGatenby1


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