We Nose How To Be Quiet

Claire Elsworth is a Client Services Director and part of PHD’s Digital Team. She writes below about a lovely fundraising campaign she and some of her colleagues are conducting in aid of Comic Relief.

Those of us who began their tenure at PHD more than roughly a year ago will remember a very different building to that which we currently inhabit. You’ll remember a corner of the world, now occupied by the lovely boys and girls of Ad Ops, once awash with orange fleeces, posters, cushions, plastic bags, and a massive board with a Sainsbury’s logo plastered across it by the window.

Then, roughly a year ago, we were re-assigned to the lower lodgings of the Telephone Exchange. Some say relegated, but whatever. One of the widely contested rumours around our upheaval to our (now luxurious) basement, was that the rest of the PHD Planning and Digital teams had requested something be done about the noise pollution emanating from the far left corner of the first floor. Clearly, our levels of enthusiasm for our day-to-day media planning was simply too much for some to bear.

But, the call was made, and we were moved.

Unfortunately, a similar complaint has now been heard from our colleagues in Teams Finance and Hollywood. So, in the spirit of charity to both Comic Relief and the people of PHD, the team affectionately known around the building as “The Shriekers”, will be observing a full day of silence. For one day only, on March 15th (that’s THIS FRIDAY), nary a word will be spoken unless to a client (and even then, only if absolutely necessary). Non-urgent media owner meetings will be re-arranged, and those going on Friday lunches will probably need an official translator from elsewhere in the building to accompany them. We will also be inflicting grizzly forfeits on those who falter, so suggestions on said forfeits welcome (but no dirty pints, please – that’s not charitable to anyone).

Not only will this be an obvious answer to the comic calling of the day, as we’ll all be a sea of arms and legs, frantically waving and gesturing Charades-like to get our messages across, but clearly we will also be providing a huge relief to our fellow basement residents.

Rumour has it, we’ll also be doing the rounds towards the end of the week, flogging some of the official, incredibly fetching and excellent value for money Red Nose Day noses and deeley-boppers. So even if you cannot be moved to sponsor our silence on Friday, you will literally not be able to resist helping the greater cause with some top notch merch. More on this exciting development to follow.

Please, please, please, show your support!

we nose

Yours, quietly

team basement (west wing)

nosey parkers

Author: Claire Elsworth; @McClairey

To show your support and find out more about ‘The Shriekers’ fundraising please click here.


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