Social Media Newsletter 08/03/2013

There is a HUGE amount of really cool campaigns this week. It is all definitely worth a gander!

Network changes

  • Last night Facebook announced changes to their newsfeed and surprise, surprise it has given more focus to images with a very minimalist look. There are now also multiple versions of News Feed (music, pages, photos, friends for example). The changes look amazing and currently it looks very slick, however, how will this look when it features images of adverts? Will it be too invasive? Facebook haven’t announced anything ad related yet. Read more of the changes summed up by Nat here.

facebook timeline

  • Google+ actually beat Facebook to it this week though by bringing out the bigger images earlier, with a lovely big cover photo and new tabs such as local reviews. Users will gradually start to see the changes in the next few weeks.  Read more on how Google+ is trying to look more like Facebook here. (In my opinion)
  • Promoted content on Tumblr has been available for just over a year, and now those adverts are going to be available on mobile too. Tumblr’s vice president Derek Gottfrid said advertisers will soon be able to pay to promote their posts to those using Tumblr’s mobile apps. Tumblr: Read more on Mashable.

How important is Twitter for Journalists? Very is the answer. ¾ of mainstream journalists find stories through Twitter according to latest research. I think this is the case nowadays, whatever your interest if you want to find the latest news in this field it will be breaking on Twitter.  Read more on The Drum

Pizza Hut job application with speed  interviews. People applying for the role of social media manager the interviews will be taking place at SXSW and each interview will last 140 seconds. With their video promoting the application process it is a great way to create buzz about Pizza Hut and the role, but what a dumb idea! (In my opinion again!) Read more on the Media Post.

This has nothing on Heineken’s interview technique which went Viral last month where among many things the candidates were forced to hold hands with the interviewer.

The power of Bieber on Twitter: This week Justin’s Beliebers went crazy when Justin retweeted someone who had tweeted that she ‘wasn’t really a fan’. Promting death threats and such, I certainly would not like to be in Justin’s position.  Read more on the Drum.

Cool campaigns

  • Dove is speaking out on the issue of “fake beauty” being promoted in photographs through Photoshopping with some clever guerrilla marketing. It pranked retouchers through the Web by releasing a fake Photoshop beauty action that undoes manipulation rather than creates it. The “Anti-Photoshop” action purports is supposed to add a glow to skin in portrait photos. Dove made the action available online through various channels including Reddit. Once the software is used the applied the image is sent back to it’s original colouring and a banner is displayed on the image “Don’t manipulate our perceptions of real beauty.” AMAZING!
  • Help The Homeless – See how cinema goers were exposed to the harsh realities of living on the street while using QR codes to raise money for charity. Frozen Cinema
  • UNICEF Tap Project  transforms the world’s largest Social Network into a water network to save kids. Facebook users can help provide children around the world with access to clean water and sanitation and urge their friends and family to do the same. The seventh annual UNICEF Tap Project, is going digital this year, turning the social network into a water network that has the power to save lives. Read more on how they’re doing it here on Creativity online.


Are brands taking experiential campaigns too far? It seems last year’s “push to add drama” from TNT has made marketers go a bit bananas. 

  • Nivea Stress Test –  Nivea (in Germany)made unsuspecting people in an airport start to panic by very cleverly making them feel like they are a wanted criminal. Hence making them sweat and therefore in need of deodorant- Nivea to the rescue.
  • Cuisinella (France)- A kitchen furnishing brand from France had a sale on. They wanted to make people aware of the sale in a way that they would never forget. I don’t want to explain too much but this is a MUST WATCH! Is it too far for you? I would have gone ballistic!

Written by @TomGatenby1


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