Social Media Newsletter 01/03/2013

Hello everybody. I have lots of social news for you this week from Paddy Power’s latest and greatest to tweeting bikes?!


  • Facebook to help advertisers target customers through offline purchases and other habits with new data partnerships. Facebook has confirmed reports made by Ad Age last week announcing it is to partner with Datalogix, Epsilon, Acxion and BlueKai to offer more targeting options to advertisers using the social networking site. Read more on Techcrunch.
  • Facebook has announced that it has finalised an agreement to purchase Microsoft’s Atlas Advertiser Suite, a move which will give the social media site new capabilities for campaign marketing and measurement. It is expected to have cost between $30-50 million. Read more on the Business Insider.
  • Take a look at the redesigned Facebook page here It is currently being tested in New Zealand.

facebook new timeline

 HP becomes the first company on LinkedIn to hit 1 million. HP built up a following by posting relevant updates and insights, and by using “targeted” LinkedIn Follow ads, the latter of which helped HP to add 300,000 followers over a two-month period.

PaddyPower marketing stands out again. Never one’s to do anything quietly PaddyPower have placed billboard ads making jokes of particular footballers right outside their stadiums. Outside the Chelsea stadium they placed a billboard poster up about Fernando Torres, who’s goal scoring ability at Chelsea has been woeful, to say the least. It read ‘Fernando: We’ve got an onion bag you can actually find. It’s in the burger van mate. Get your hair net on. #2ndJobsforsubs’.  Well Chelsea and Arsenal have taken offence to this and Chelsea may even be considering legal action after failing to get the advert taken down! Read more on The Paddy Power blog.


Qualcomm experiential bus stop campaign. TNT’s “Push to Add Drama” Stunt was a huge success so I guess this has spurred other brands on to similar style campaigns. A simple poster on a bus stop from Qualcomm features a URL with different tag lines, like “In a hurry?”, “Seen it all?”, and “Bored?” If you were, in fact, bored, then you could head over to the site on your mobile phone and be rewarded with a surprise — which included a surprise Lamborghini pickup, a bunch of clowns or a sled. Check out this cool campaign here.

New Oxo advert is sure to be a huge success with its stop motion type video. Oxo worked with animator PES as creative consultant and directing duo Conkerco. The ad itself highlights how a sprinkle of an Oxo cube can transform any combination of ingredients into a flavoursome meal. It airs tonight on TV but check it out here first,

New App. Cubie Messenger– the free mobile messaging app, which lets users exchange text, stickers, videos, and their own drawings has been downloaded 5.5 million times. (most users currently based in South East Asia). What sets Cubie apart from messenger apps such as Whatsapp is that it provides users with the opportunity to create their own content and in the future you will be able to search YouTube from within the app. Read more on Techcrunch.

Groupons founder and CEO Andrew Mason has been fired one day after a terrible quarterly report. Read more on AdAge. It’s not all negative for Andrew though as he has come up with a new idea already which people seem to have taken an interest in! Check it out on Mashable.

Why Limiting Emails to 50 Words Is a Great Idea

Mobile- 59% of mobile web users now as comfortable with mobile advertising as they are with TV or online advertising. (I still find that hard to believe!)

Tech- Is Apple’s reign of the smartphone industry over? The Samsung Galaxy SIII won  the Smartphone of Year award at the 2013 Mobile World Congress, beating the iPhone5. Samsung won an array of other prizes including Best Mobile Enabled Consumer Electronics Device for the Galaxy camera. Apple went home with nothing. Read more on The Drum

Social Media madness at the SXSW festival as bikes will be tweeting for themselves with their very own Twitter account. Sounds weird, it is. What does it show? That you can programme a bike to tweet for itself with it’s very own personality.  Read more on Mashable.


In a rather ‘tongue in cheek’ task The Drum asked people from around the world to come up with adverts for the new Oscar Pistorius range from Nike. Although the matter is obviously a very serious one, and this competition may have been a bit too risky for some, I think it is an interesting showcase of some of the creative minds out there. Have a look here.

Finally a little something for you extreme sports fans to get you in that Friday mood! These guys are bonkers, but it does look fun!!

Written by @TomGatenby1


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