PHD introduces…Tom Gatenby

Who are you? I am Tom Gatenby, Social Media Executive at PHD.Tom Gatenby

What do you do (in 10 words or less) I help plan, create, analyse & restructure brands’ social media presence.

Are you on twitter? I am @TomGatenby1 I can’t say that my tweets are always that educational but please follow me if anything through pity.

Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? If I had infinite money it would be a really smart tailors. I think having well fitted suits, jackets shirts and shoes is very important. If it was my own money – at the moment there are about a million different pairs of sneakers I want so maybe the NikeID store, also Zara has a whole load of stuff that you can’t go wrong with.

Would you rather be a hero loved by all or a villain who can always escape? If you are a villain that can always escape then everyone hates/ wants to kill you. It may be exhilarating every time you escape but after that you have no friends or the one’s that are your friends are probably arseholes. I would much rather be a hero loved by all. Plus super hero’s always seem to have a lot of spare money lying about to buy all their super cool capes and cars etc.

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure? I would say ‘Cool Runnings’ but I don’t feel remotely guilty about that, I think it’s a world class film with amazing Jamaican accents in. New Girl – I don’t watch much TV at all but the character Schmidt is one of the funniest things I have seen. I also do get into XFactor I have to say (Although it has got so bad in the recent series I don’t think I will be watching the next- I even wrote a letter to TalkBack Thames complaining about the judging panel… they didn’t get back to me.)

Would you rather visit Hogwarts or Narnia? Why? Tough one. I was never into Narnia growing up but loved the Potter books. However, because I’m a ‘muggle’ I wouldn’t actually be able to get into the grounds of Hogwarts and therefore be left disappointed, probably trying to shove a trolley through a wall at Platform 9 3/4 . So I would say Narnia, plus I think spending any time with Daniel Radcliffe would be infuriating.

Do you remember your dreams? Not as much as I would like to and the ones I do are pants or scary. Are there some techniques to help you remember dreams?

Would you rather eat meatloaf all day or listen to Meatloaf all night? I have never eaten meatloaf- it doesn’t look all that appetizing – is it just a big meatball? I reckon I could stomach that far better than ‘A Bat Out of Hell’ on repeat all night.

Does your name make any interesting anagrams? I had never thought about this really but after Googling it just now one that stuck out was ‘Gay Bent Tom’


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