Social Media Newsletter 22/02/2013

Hello everyone. This week we have some big brands getting hacked on Twitter, the latest on Google Glass, the latest fashion technology from Burberry and loads more!

Google Glass

A year after the first mention of Google Glass, a competition has been launched inviting bold creative individuals to apply for a pair of its glasses. 8,000 carefully selected winners (who will still have to pay $1,500 for the privilege) will be entitled to have a pair to test out. Read more on this cool competition here. I was never that keen on the idea because let’s face it; they make you look like something from Star Trek! However this promotional video released this year is very cool!


  • Changes to its API – There will be far more Twitter advertisements now due to a change in the API as the Twitter developers posted in a blog post. “The Twitter Ads API gives partners a way to integrate Twitter advertising management in their product. Selected partners have the ability create their own tools to manage Twitter Ad campaigns while easily integrating into existing, cross-channel advertising management solutions.” The first five partners include Hootsuite and Adobe. Check out the blog post here.
  • Brand’s Twitter accounts hacked. I have never heard of this before ( although I am sure it has happened) and it happened TWICE in one week. First off was Burger King. The hacker instantly changed everything on the @BurgerKing  Twitter page to Mcdonald’s based things, claiming that the brand had been sold to McDonald’s. The @Jeep account got similar treatment but everything on their page got turned into Chrysler based images and tweets, with the bio stating that Chrysler had bought out Jeep. Although the tweets started off amusing the quality of the puns and gags deteriorated. Eventually both accounts were restored to normal. Jeep even sent this very amusing tweet to Burger King.  The jokes on the hacker though because both accounts had a huge influx in new followers (30,000 for BK) Read more on the Huffington Post.

Burger King

  • It’s not just big brands being hacked on Twitter. It’s big names too. Donald Trump.
  • If you are tweeting links then your tweets are now reduced to 118 characters –read why here.

Brands using Vine

‘The video version of Instagram’ is what it’s been called. However are brands using it yet? The answer is yes! Have a look at 15 of the best brand uses of Vine so far on SimplyZesty.

Asos named the Top retailer on Google+ as it moves away from Facebook: See more on The Drum.


  • Burberry Fashion Technology. London Fashion Week last weekend Burberry did something new and funky by embedding RFID chips into each of their piece of clothing. When the chips are scanned they unleash personalised content about the clothes and encourage people to pre-order items. Theoretically people could order directly from the runway. It is quite a confusing concept so read more here.  It would be interesting to see how many sales resulted from this.
  • Ever thought about your smartphone- I wish I could just stick this to a wall. Or I don’t have enough hands to use this at the moment. Well this new iPhone case sticks to ANY surface. Check it out.

Bizarre advert from Converse.  Why? It has nothing to do with trainers at all. It is just weirdly amusing and keeps you watching until the end. Check it out

Meme- Harlem Shake again. Check out 16 brands doing their own version of the weird craze that has taken the world by storm. SHOULD WE DO A PHD ONE?


Written by @TomGatenby1


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