The new Sony Xperia Z – launching soon!

Anyone who reads (almost) any national newspaper today is sure to come across our work for the new Sony Xperia Z. It’s a great phone, if you’re thinking of getting a new one! You can pre-order it today here.

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Announced at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas last month – the Xperia Z is billed as the best of Sony in a smartphone and has already been hailed as Stuff’s new no.1 smartphone, receiving a 5 star rating.

As the phone will not be available for customers until Feb 28th, we have focused our digital activity till then around generating awareness and leveraging buzz around the launch.

We also sponsored Futures coverage of CES at the beginning of January (which ran across T3, Gizmodo and Tech Radar) and as part of this Futures partnership launched a competition a few weeks ago for users to win the new handset. Taking the CES venue of Vegas as its theme, users have to locate Sony images and handsets and capture them on camera using the phone’s HD screen and zoom features.

Feel free to try and locate the 4 items – it’s trickier than you may think!


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