Social Media Newsletter 15/02/2012

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is feeling loved up because there is plenty of Valentine campaigns, apps and a creepy viral. Plus betting on the Pope, the new Gangnam Style and loads more…

Changes to Twitter metadata: This is fantastic news. People who tweet “I am eating breakfast” or any other mundane, boring update which no one cares about may be given a ‘low value’ in the future. Twitter is now going to assess the value of each tweet deeming them ‘high’ or ‘low’ value with the latest changes to its API. Hopefully all my tweets with new business ideas for the likes of Craig David will now be taken seriously and given a ‘High’ importance rating. Read more on the Huffington Post.

Valentine’s Day Campaigns:

  • Nivea brought out an interactive YouTube video. When you are on a date all kinds of things can go wrong. So Nivea posted a video of a couple on a ‘first’ date. They then allow you to click on various objects on the screen and see how the date can spiral into disaster. The video campaign is to promote Nivea’s ‘anti- persprant stress protect’ by showing the different stressful situations. Check it out
  • Rebtel Valentine’s app. Rebtel has produced a gift slightly different from the usual box of chocolates. With their new app you can send your heart beat to a loved one with one of five different messages such as “My heart beats for you”. If anyone sent me that I would probably puke… then break up with them. Check it out here.

The Pope and Paddy Power – 2012 was a busy year for PaddyPower with plenty outrageous campaigns. We haven’t heard too much from them this year until now. With Pope Benedict XVI resigning they jumped at the opportunity to create some unusual odds for YES WE VAT-ICAN, a selection of Pope based bets. Including the one-time offer of “If the cardinals elect the first black Pope then  you get your money back!”

Paddy Power

Lent- Giving up social media? What are you giving up? I have given up melon. However the most common things that people are giving up is supposed to be Facebook and Twitter- apparently.  Where are people talking about this though? Probably Twitter or Facebook. Read More on the Drum However it isn’t all that surprising as a survey has found that 61% of users have taken a break from Facebook for some time since joining.

Aussie’s social football – You see hashtags and twitter handles everywhere these days. Well Aussie football is now putting the players Twitter names on the back of their shirts. Check it out.

Sacked from the home office for social media use: If you’re in a high profile job, or in fact any job be EXTREMELY careful what you post on social networks.  Otherwise this could happen.


  • Fashion Week – Last year Google made all the models wear Google Glass down the runway. This year they have partnered with Topshop and they have used all of Googles platforms to really target the web audience.  Read how here.
  • Google+ content is given search priority SHOCK HORROR!
  • Google shopping moves to paid listings: To continue competing for share of voice, retailers needs to set up PLAs in Google Adwords as free listings will be removed from the search pages and outranked on Google Shopping.  Read more on the Drum

Tech news-

Apple is set to change the way you unlock your phone to an image based entry form. You will have to identify your contacts correctly to be able to use it. Read more here.

Instagram feed hits the web: Finally Instagram is now available so you can see your whole feed on the web in just the same way that you would if you were on your mobile. Read Instagrams blog post here.


  • The Facebook ‘Like’- iconic to Facebook. But is it an original idea? Apparently not because they are being sued over it Facebook sued over by a patent holding company on behalf of a dead Dutch programmer. If they are successful surely the pay-out will be ENORMOUS?! See more on BBC News.
  •  Facebook wants to go deeper into TV: Understandable because Twitter is already so involved with TV in every way, half of the Super Bowl ads included Twitter hashtags. Read more here.
  • Facebook adds link to buy tickets:  Currently being tested is a new ‘Buy Tickets’ button for events. This would surely be a huge success and lead all event coordinators to push their Facebook page more. Read more on Inside Facebook.

buy tickets facebook

Innovative companies – Innovation has been used soooo often in the past year. But who are the World’s most innovative companies? See the Top 50 here.

New app – Fake check-in for couch potatoes: Are you lazy and feel bad because you see your mates checking in to places on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Now you can do fake checkins with this app Couchcachet

Virals/ Memes

  • The new Gangnam Style?! The Harlem shake Check out the original and many more versions here.
  • BMW’s excellent customer service – As we’ve seen in the past year responding to children with great customer service can go viral. Well a child wrote to BMW what he would like to see in a car, which included 19 Porsche engines. So the BMW marketing team responded brilliantly and created an image of how that vehicle would look. They posted it to their Facebook page with a personal message to the boy. The image got shared over 3000 times and had over 7,500 likes!

BMW USA s photos

Written by @TomGatenby1


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