Cadbury Dairy Milk: ‘Taste’


Our Cadbury Dairy Milk team is at it again!

From today we will be live with a landmark campaign for Cadbury Dairy Milk; one which is not product-focused but instead regards the brand as a whole, with the objective being to remind consumers how much they love the TASTE of Cadbury Dairy Milk (because who doesn’t?!).

The lovely creative was devised by, as ever, the might of Fallon; the story focuses on a young Joyville worker and an older Joyville worker, who proceeds to take the youth on a journey to discover the great taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk and eventually show him the secret.

We’re running a cinema and OOH campaign as well, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re going to see any fun new films soon.

Cadbury’s are also running a competition to find Joyville’s next Taste Tester, which is being run by Hyper Naked. To enter the competition you will be directed (by our Social, Search, Digital Display and Press media) to the main Cadbury Dairy Milk site to enter your own made-up word which you think best describes the great taste of CDM on a ‘mixionary’ machine.


The entries are then judged by the client and the prize for the winner includes a selection of “money can’t buy novelties”, which include being the first to taste NPDs and having their own CDM bar created to whatever recipe they desire.

This mechanic is getting a grander unveiling on 21st Feb at the British Library, so keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime there’s plenty more yummy Cadbury Dairy Milk fun to be had here. Joy!

Posted by Sebastian Revell, Media Group Manager


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