Social Media Newsletter 08/02/2013

Afternoon all…..This week in the world of social media we have the return of Twitter buy social TV analytics firm Bluefin, a ‘gay bulldog’ is saved from execution by Facebook users, and Lance Armstrong sings Radiohead.


Twitter: to buy social TV analytics firm Bluefin Labs

Twitter has made its biggest acquisition to date with a  deal to buy social TV analytics firm Bluefin. As the relationship between TV and Twitter continues, Twitter will be looking to sell the data they receive to agencies and brands looking for deeper insights. Read more here.

More horse DNA has now been discovered inside a Findus Lasagne. Here are the best horse jokes from Twitter for your enjoyment.


Facebook is beta testing a new feature called “Lookalike” audiences that will allow businesses to reach users who aren’t currently in their database, but who are similar to those that are. Check out the full article here.

Good news for stalkers, Facebook is apparently developing a new app that keeps track of user location and reports to friends when they’re nearby.

Thinking of unfriending someone who keeps inviting you to play Farmville on Facebook? Think again. Research has found that unfriending has real life consequences. Read more.

The public has spoken. But do you agree with the newest member of Monopoly?


A ‘gay Bulldog’ in America was saved from certain death after a Facebook campaign fought to save his life – Full story here.


Google takes a stand against other social networks and refuses to include ‘disruptive’ ads on Google+.

80’s icon Mr T is back with a new series on YouTube You’re a fool to be pitied if you don’t watch it.

And finally….

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong sings Radiohead

With Valentine’s Day next week this campaign from Durex could come in useful if you live in Dubai:

Cool experimental screening of ‘Life of Pi’ from France:

Nice opportunistic ad from Eurostar on the arrival of David Beckham and speaking of Goldenballs, the former England captain took over H&M’s Twitter account this week to make the launch of his new clothing range. Read more here.


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