Social Media Newsletter 01/02/2013

Hello all. Please have a butchers at this week’s Social Media Newsletter. This week we have HMV losing control of their social networks, Super Bowl racism, Twitter posting pornographic videos etc. #Chaos…


HMV Twitter Mayhem – It will come as no surprise to most of you that HMV have gone into administration. Understandably this has led to quite a few people losing their jobs which obviously many people aren’t happy about. It appears that HMV ‘let go’ all of their social media team that have access to their Twitter feed which led to some very open minded tweeting from them. They started using the hashtag #hmvXFactorFiring  where they were ‘telling the truth’ about what’s really going on with HMV employees and the hashtag started trending. Check out some of the tweets here.



  • Vine Scandal -Last week’s launch of Twitter’s video version of Instagram, Vine has been somewhat marred by a slight mishap this week. Twitter selected it’s ‘editors pick’ which contained pornographic footage in it. Oops! See what the Twitter spokesperson had to say here.
  • Tweet Seats in Theatres– Everyone hates it when you go to a show/cinema and people play with their phones, making noises and lighting up their faces. Well the Providence performing Arts Centre has been allocating ‘tweet seats’ since spring. The seats are free for those that agree to live-tweet a performance according to their Marketing-project coordinator. Read more on Mashable
  • French say ‘NON!’ to hashtag – In the UK the words ‘totes’, ‘obvs’, ‘LOLS’ have been accepted in to the English language for some peculiar reason. Well the French, who have probably noted our errors, have decided to ban the term ‘hashtag’ because they are worried it will undermine ‘linguistic purity’.

 french hashtag

Facebook’s explanation to Why Vine can’t access your friends.

In a Facebook Developer Blog post they clarify their platform policies where it becomes clear they are referring to Vine. Although Vine allows sharing to Facebook the sharing functionality or secondary social network appears to meet Facebook’s definition of “replicating a core Facebook product or service.” After Twitter prevented Instagram users from continuing to find contacts on Twitter last July it doesn’t seem very sociable at the top of these networks right now.

Facebook introduces new Structured status:

When you type in your status you are asked “How are you feeling, Tom?” Well Facebook is now testing something below that which also asks “What are you doing?” and includes the drop down menu with some suggestions and their corresponding emoticon. Read more on Facebook’s latest unnecessary update on Techcrunch.

structured status

Money can’t always buy Super Bowl ads-

The most expensive advertising slots of the year coming in at $4million for a 30 second slot! Nuts in some ways but the reach that is guaranteed is phenomenal. Leading up to Sundays Super bowl brands have been letting slip a little teaser of what to expect in the breaks. Controversy has surrounded VW’s advert with a white male donning a Jamaican accent in the work place appearing to be overly jolly with life. ß How that is racist I don’t know, it basically shows people in Jamaica have fun. Anyway it may well be too controversial and be banned from TV. Why not check out a few of the previously banned Super bowl adverts.

Nike face marketing problem from an ‘anti-Nike rap’ – (This is one of the most interesting articles I have ever written about)

Nike is one of the leading trainer manufactures in the world and every kid has to have a pair of air max’s when they are growing up. Or at least they feel they need to have a pair. Well up and coming rapper Macklemore created a song back in 2011 which has only resurfaced this week, which attacks the Nike brand and sees it as false idol for kids. Asking the question is it really ‘worth’ it to pay $100 for some trainers. Although aimed at Nike the video shows the influence that any ‘Big’ brand has on kids. As this has only recently resurfaced it will be interesting to see whether Nike feel the need to respond in anyway. Read the article here Eat Big Fish

Best UGC campaigns– this isn’t necessarily ‘news’ to all of you but it is a great explanation of how to use user generated content to create meaningful campaigns.  Check it out

YouTube offer paid channels: wants content companies to apply for opportunities to put about 25 channels on YouTube that will charge customers as much as $5 a month. The channels are predicted to be up in a few months and YouTube are expected to collect about 45% of the subscription. Read more on the Huffington Post

Brands using Blipp: Kraft’s Philadelphia have not only brought out new print ads that you can Blipp, but also the tubs are now ‘Blippable’.

Viral videos- Although there are all the Super Bowl adverts that have been aired this week in advance (Which you can see here). The ad which has been shared a lot this past week and is a personal favourite of mine is this one from E- Lites cigarettes which incorporates a baby doing Gangnam Style for its first steps. Watch it on YouTube.

Written by @TomGatenby1


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