Social Media Newsletter 25/01/2013

Hello all! This week we have Twitter’s video version of Instagram, a dramatic surprise, Justin Bieber’s behind and much more!

Twitter/Vine integration

Twitter acquired Vine last year, a small video- sharing start up. Why? I believe it is because they want to make it the video version of Instagram.  This is Twitters first stand-alone app which lets users share in a way other than a tweet. Read why this makes Twitter so much stronger here. Unsurprisingly Facebook have been typically anti-social in blocking the friend finding feature in the Vine video embed app.


Facebook announced its conversation tracking tool which can count actions such as check outs and registrations generated by ads. This will allow advertisers to see how many people viewed or clicked on their ad and to utilise optimised CPM bidding in order to target ads at people most likely to convert on their business site. Facebook are excited about it- are you? Read more on Social Media Influence

Facebook Faux Tumblr –Last week Facebook announced their new Facebook Graph Search – giving users precise results about their friends. Well within a week of the announcement there has been a Tumblr created to show off the most revealing/ funny results i.e. people that are married on Facebook but have also ‘Liked’ prostitutes on Facebook. Also people that work at Tesco but also ‘Like’ horses.  Actual Facebook Graph Searches


Tech ‘News’

A year after the announcement of Google Glass and they are still not available. However Google Co- founder Sergey Brin has kept people interested by wearing them on New York train and making sure that news spread across the web. Even with all the commotion about them I wouldn’t be seen dead wearing them. Also they are bound to be ludicrously expensive and very easy to steal.

Sergey Brin

Social Media  Legal news

  • “Those without a social media presence are weird” direct from a Government report So it must be reliable.
  • Banning Sex offenders on Facebook is unconstitutional as it restricts free speech according to a Federal court. Read more on Mashable

Social Celebrities

Justin Bieber has become the most followed celebrity on Twitter, overtaking Lady Gaga with over 33 million followers. Why?! How?!  It is probably something to do with the fact that he posted a picture of his bare behind which received over 100,000 ‘Likes’ on Instagram.

Alicia Keys joined Pinterest this week and did an artist first for Pinterest. She has created a cool selection of images in boards for individual songs: Check out her Pinterest page here.

Alicia Keys  aliciakeys  on Pinterest


Top 25 brands on Instagram– It was only a couple of months ago that MTV became the 1st brand to have a million followers on Instagram. Following the release of web pages there has been a surge of new followers to many brand pages and MTV has been knocked off the top spot.  See who on socialfresh (Also Starbucks have over 1 million followers- why do people like seeing photos of coffee so much?!)

Viral adverts:

Child of the 90’s ad from Microsoft is quite nostalgic as it reminds you of the years of floppy discs, yoyos, Tamagotchis and more. The slogan “You grew up, so did we” works very nicely in my option as they show off Windows 8 and their latest tablet: Watch it here.


Last year saw the launch of TNT – a quality series and movies TV channel in the Netherlands with A dramatic Surprise on a quiet Square where they tempt the public to push a button which says “push for drama”. After pushing the button all hell broke loose and ended with a banner promoting the channel and received over 42 million views. Well they are back this week with the same concept,  there is even more drama but it hasn’t gone nearly as viral. Still worth a watch though!


Specsavers have once again jumped at the chance to use their slogan in the latest football scandal. In case you didn’t see, this week Chelsea player Eden Hazard kicked a ball boy who lay on the ball to time waste during a game. This lead to Specsavers standard slogan use “Should have gone to Specsavers” in a print ad which has been shared across all social networks. They really are good at that.


Written by @TomGatenby1


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