Social Media Newsletter 18/01/2013

Hello all, before we all get snowed in check out the latest news. This week we have Facebook’s new Graph Search, Twitter murder mysteries, Michelle Obama and a drink called Pussy…..


Facebook news and Updates:

  • Facebook has dramatically changed its search service to reveal the new ‘Graph Search’, which allows users to search photos, people, and connections etc. How is it different from web search? It is supposed to take precise search queries and give precise answers. “Ask Facebook ‘who are my friends that live in San Fancisco?’ Graph Search will bring the exact answer.” Read more on The Drum



Twitter News and Updates

  • Murder mysteries are cool with many people tweeting what they think the outcome will be before the end. Well Hawaii 5-0 will become the first TV show to have it’s ending determined by Twitter. The producers have filmed three possible endings and the chosen one is determined by which characters get the most tweets. Read more on Mashable

Best Supporting Actor   Twitter Oscars® Index

  • The Oscar nominations have been a big talking point recently, if you want to see who is getting talked about most in the lead up to the 85th Academy Awards ceremony then check out The Twindex which measures how Twitter users are referring to the nominees relative to the overall conversation.
  • Michelle Obama joined Twitter Yesterday and already has 70,000 followers.


Cool campaigns

  • Dinsey UK turned East Londons Brick Lane into 8 Brick lane this week to promote their new movie Wreck- It – Ralph, which is only coming out on this side of the world. They used AR games, arcade games and some clever other touches. It’s really cool and definitely worth a watch!
  • A Charity Pinterest campaign sees Von Furstenburg donate eye care for up to 100 different people simply by repining a pin from VSP’s Vison care’s #Pintogiveandget  board. Read more on Mashable
  • Selfridges have taken a rather unusual step in marketing this week with their new ‘anti-marketing’ campaign. Using the help of big brands such as Clinique, Levi’s and Heinz, they have taken all the well know labels off the big brands- Including the Selfridges signature yellow bag


The ‘virals’ this week are all a bit risqué. So depending on how ‘ballsy’ you are you may not want to click on them.

  • Energy Drinks are everywhere in your face and bold advertising from Redbull is shared constantly. Well check out these ads from the new Energy drink ‘Pussy’ Huge billboards including “Cunningly Delicious – Pussy” Check them out on TAXI.

pussy drink

  • This year was the twelfth year of the no pants Subway Ride 2013. Which meant that thousands of people took their trousers (not their underwear) off to ride the subway in 60 cities in 25 countries around the world, why? Because it is just a small prank which has escalated over the years. Check out why this has had over 2million views in under a week.!
  • Finally when you take a picture of your clothes you want to sell on eBay make sure you have your clothes on while doing it. Otherwise your naked reflection may show up in the mirror- and therefore your naked body goes viral. Everyone was talking about it this week and a male response version got posted by  The Lad Bible.

Written by @TomGatenby1


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