Social Media Newsletter 11/01/2013

Good afternoon all. This week we have everything from lingerie to Brad Pitt…. 

First Facebook Poke campaign from Delta Lingerie. They created a slightly mysterious/ voyeuristic/ ‘pervy’ 10 second video to promote “a one-time sales promotion on lingerie” which won’t come back. Seeing as the Facebook Poke has been referred to as the perfect ‘sexting’ app this brand seems appropriate as the first marketers to use it. Read more on Business Insider

Other Facebook News


Brad Pitt has joined China’s version of Twitter – Sina Weibo. In his first message he hinted that he could be making a visit to the country. On Pitt’s account the actor simply stated: “It is the truth. Yup, I’m coming.” The message attracted over 22,000 comments before it got removed. Why did Pitt join Sina Weibo? See possible reasons here on Mashable 



Google+ gets 1 up on the images – There is one problem with Twitter and Facebook photos – difficult to zoom in and pan across. Well Google+ has introduced that feature this week for large images. Handy… but I ‘m still not sold on G+


Linkedin hits 200 million users and it is growing at 2 new members every second! 



The cost of Social

Experiential Campaign -Evian have created a swing set in Canary Wharf and a see- saw in Finsbury Park. Why?! so we can all ‘Live Young’. Both installations featured a kinetically triggered snow machine which rewards playfull behaviour, the more fun the more snow. Check it out



New app. Monopoly are getting rid of one of their classic ‘tokens’ (objects that players choose to be while playing the game) and they are letting us decide…. Using a Facebook app. This allows fans to vote for the piece they want to get rid of and the new piece they want to replace it. Read more on how to “Give The Boot the boot” here.

5321_SAVE monopoly token hasbro


Sad Tech news for Camera lovers Jessops is put into administration by the ever increasing use of smartphone photography. Read more on The Telegraph

Finally if you have got this far. I couldn’t leave you on a sad note so here is two viral videos which has nothing to do with any brands:

One of the best pranks I have ever seen!!!

91 Base jumpers from 17 different countries jump off a building- Must see!


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