Social Media Newsletter 4/01/2013

Happy New Year! This week we have new acquisitions, the value of Twitter, New Year’s resolutions and Steven Hawking?! Read on

Pinterest acquires PunchFork

The first of probably many acquisitions for the image-sharing network.  70% of Pinterest users last year said that they pinned recipes and used Pinterest for cooking inspiration, so it made sense for Pinterest to go down this culinary route. Punchfork is a recipe aggregation portal where they have developed social and analytical tools that help bloggers and independent sites measure the popularity of their dishes. Punchfork looks like Pinterest basically but is for the real foodies. Read more here: Techcrunch

Facebook adds voice messaging to its Messenger app.

The addition to ios and Android apps lets users send up to one minute voice messages. I hate voicemail and always think- just text me! However, take into account sending a hands free message when driving. If you need to send someone a long message with a complicated list that you just can’t be bothered to type you can just send it in a voice message. Read more on this at Mashable

facebook-tests-mobile-ads-in-third-party-apps-0dad401d4d (1)

This came very soon after Facebook released their Poke app (allowing users to send private messages that expire after 1,3,5, or 10 seconds) Check it out on TNW

What would you value Twitter at?

Last year Facebook went on to the stock market with an estimated value of $100bn and now Twitter is tipped to be preparing for public flotation within the next 2 years. Surprisingly though it is currently being valued at a ‘meagre’ $11bn. I reckon the valuation would be far higher if Facebook, Groupon and Zynga’s share prices all hadn’t dropped dramatically in value once floating. Read more at Wallblog

Go Compare has a great New Year’s signing

2013 has brought in a lot of new things including the newest unexpected star of the Go Compare adverts. Continuing the ‘Saving The Nation’ campaign they have brought in the one and only Prof. Steven Hawking. I think they have pulled out a winner with this one making it easily their most likeable advert while not losing any of its ’memorability’! Watch it here

Talking of new signings: How not to use Twitter if you are a football club.


Direct payments by mobile aren’t anything new. However by just using the camera as a form of payment, ‘Flint’ certainly has come up with a new idea. It doesn’t store any of the numbers, sends receipts and is pretty quick and simple definitely worth checking out: At Marketing Tech Blog

Love it or hate it – Marmites new social media campaign.

You will have probably seen Marmites Christmas lights in Oxford Street where the public were even capable of getting their own faces in a banner above Selfridges . I think it was a great fun idea and the lights were really different. However some people hate Christmas lights whatever. So Marmite is giving the public the chance to get the lights turned off as soon as possible. The more ‘Likes’ the Hate Marmite Facebook page gets the sooner the lights go off. Read more at Marketing Magazine

Getting a job by advertising yourself.

Getting your first job in this day and age is increasingly difficult, as the papers tell us EVERY day! So this bright young man with a 1st class degree has come up with an innovative way of showing his creative ability to possible employees out there. He created a billboard with his face and the words : “I spent my last £500 on this billboard. Please Give me a job.” on it. Within 24 hours over 10,000 people had tweeted it. Exactly what he wanted, going viral and  great coverage of his creative talent. Not in my eyes. What he has shown is that he lives at home and is happy to sponge off his parents because he has wasted his money trying to grab the media’s attention. He has also shown that he is desperate by not stating any particular field he wants to get into. Finally he has shown that he is not creative at all with the most boring looking advert in the world. ß Just my opinion. Check it out here: Independent


New Year’s resolutions

Like many people at PHD I’ve got a new year’s resolution this year and having given up I’ve started buying luckier lottery tickets. Like me many people round the world are. Google have noticed this and have created their own mapping of everyone’s resolutions from around the world, colour coordinated depending what category they fall into. Add yours here.

What the future holds?

Instead of looking at what 2012 brought, let’s have a look at what things are to come. The obvious increase is in 3D printing and an increase in Web-TV convergence, but what else will we see a lot of? Well here are 100 things to watch out for in 2013 via JWTIntelligence

Written by @TomGatenby1


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