Social Media Newsletter 14/12/2012

As the second week of our Twitter advent calendar competition draws to a close, we doth our cap to all those people who have helped us get so many RT’s and mentions. We still need to get as many tweets as possible so please use help us out and tweet these three things @PHD_UK @TwitterUK #festivespirit before Monday.

Here’s some of our handiwork from earlier this week.



Ok, so this week we have yet another advent calendar courtesy of Instagram, 2012’s social media trends from Google, Twitter and Facebook, Amazon’s gift service, and a coat wearing monkey from Canada – how can you not read on after that?

2012 on Facebook, Twitter & Google

2012 has been a momentous year for a number of reasons. Who could forget the London Olympics, England losing on penalties (again) and Gary Barlow storming off X-Factor? Check out this year’s top UK/Global trends from Facebook ,  Twitter and Google and then afterwards take a misty eyed look back at your very own year on Facebook and Twitter.

24 Grams

I know some of you may shudder at the mere mention of the words ‘advent’ and ‘calendar’ in the same sentence but please check out ‘24 Grams’ from Instagram. Instagram have asked their users to pick a date between the 1st and 24th and interpret that number with a photo. Each day a winning photo is chosen and uploaded to the Instagram advent calendar and the results so far have been very nice indeed. Any budding photographers can get involved here and you’ll have a chance of winning a daily prize.


Amazon Gifts

Amazon has just become a little bit more social with the announcement of a new gift feature that lets you connect your Facebook account to Amazon in order to keep track of your friends’ birthdays and anniversaries as well as their shopping wish lists (Currently in the US only but this will no doubt be in the UK soon enough) Amazon’s gift feature comes one day after Facebook finally rolled out its own gift service to all users in the U.S.

Ten Insights into the state of social media

Here’s a great summation of the state of social media in 2012. The report concentrates on the USA but I think it’s still well worth a read, especially on the reasons regarding why we connect to Social networks and how Twitter drives social TV.

Cool Campaigns:

Ebenezer Snoop is the star of Adidas’ latest Christmas campaign. Watch out for Snoop and a variety of celeb cameos including David Beckham and after you’re done with the video go to Facebook and see how much of an Ebenezer you are – how you forgot people’s birthdays or didn’t respond when they wrote on your wall.

You may have seen most of these videos but check out the top 10 most innovative viral ads of 2012 as voted for by Mashable.

To help celebrate their 140th anniversary, Heineken have created an outdoor installation in Amsterdam using 5,000 real Heineken bottles. Via an app on their Facebook page, fans are then encouraged to send in a picture and a celebratory message that will be displayed live on the giant installation. You can see the ‘making of’ video here or add your own message.


What would you do if you were confronted by a rather dapper monkey wearing a fur coat? Twitter and Facebook went into overdrive making the Ikea monkey the most famous primate since Bubbles. View the ITN news video here.

Mario returns in this nice little stop motion video.

The greatest photo app ever? You decide.


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