Social Media Newsletter 07/12/2012

First of all any of you following us at PHD may have noticed a lot more tweeting than usual. Well that’s because we are involved in an inter agency Twitter advent calendar sort of competition. Everyday we are given a new hashtag to use and today it is #FFF (Festive Follow Friday) So why not help us out and send out a tweet for us?! All you have to do is tweet these four things @PHD_UK @TwitterUK #FFF and a Twitter account of your choosing. For example:

Tom Gatenby  TomGatenby1  on Twitter

Moving on….. This week we have some network updates, potential acquisitions, an experiential beer campaign, Anne Summers and more! Read on:

Have you had any difficulties this week sharing Instagram images on Twitter? Well that’s because Instagram pulled some of its photo-sharing abilities from the site. The images are still showing but in a cropped view. Instagram became a direct competitor of Twitter when Facebook acquired the company earlier this year. It seems it is getting competitive at the top of the social networks and the people losing out are the users! Check out what the Instagram CEO had to say about the issues: on Mashable.

instagram and twitter

Talking about the negatives of Instagram, there are a few stereotypes associated with the photo sharing app- People uploading photos of their food, photos of their feet, photos of their hand grasping an invisible sandwich to show off their new nails etc.  So these guys made a song and video about it. You can see it here with another video explaining why Instagram has been so successful.

#Social Stats: Google+ released its numbers this week stating that now there is more than 500million accounts, and 135 million are active users. This is a significant difference to the numbers released in early September (400 million accounts and only 100 million active users) Read more at Mashable

Talking of Google. They have launched a new set of features called ‘Communities’. Google + Communities allows users to set up a place which isn’t your profile or the profile or your business page to set up somewhere to discuss a certain topic. Read more at TechCrunch

Google have also just been named the social video brand for 2012.  

Facebook update –

Cool Campaign- Red Stripe- Do you ever go in to a shop to get some tinnies/ Smirnoff Ice/ Frosty Jack’s Cider and think “My goodness, what a phenomenal selection I have available to me. How can I possibly make this decision?” Well Red Stripe realised this Dilemma and came up with a very cool way to stand out from the crowd. Have a look at this!


The Love Magazine has bought their very special touch to the classic advent calendar this year.  They seem to have an understanding that people no longer want chocolate behind those little doors. They want videos of half-naked super models dancing to Christmas tunes which you can tweet and share with all your friends – OBVIOUSLY!  Check it out

Viral of the week- Anne Summers ‘Christmas for Grown Ups’ TV campaign. There isn’t a huge amount to explain here. It is pretty obvious why this has been shared so much- it is RAUNCHY! So raunchy that the uncut version is being hosted online because it is too naughty for TV. Luckily for you, you can watch both versions here. (Strictly for work reasons!)

Meanwhile over in NZ they are teaching dogs to drive Seriously

However, if that isn’t doing it for you, why not try a collaboration between Gangnam Style and Wham’s Last Christmas ?


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