Social Media Newsletter 30/11/2012

Stella Artois UK

Hello all. I thought I would start off by giving you all a personalised Christmas CaroleCheck it out on Facebook

So as you can probably tell by now this is Stella Artois’ new Christmas Facebook App. I think it is great, you can send a personalised message which arrives, using Google maps, at the address of the recipient. It is slick, well put together and nicely timed. Well done Stella! –  Far better than BA’s Street view app earlier this year!


An app for the ladies- Earlier this week Grazia launched a new weekly iPad edition, featuring a shopping facility so readers can buy the products they see on screen.  The shopping process is really simple and allows you to shop, share through social channels or save to wish list every item they show. Check it out onBrandrepublic

social times

Social Stats – The average American spends nearly 7 hours a month on Facebook, while only 1.5 hours on Pinterest and a measly 21 minutes on Twitter.


Thanksgiving was last week and the people of Instagram sure were giving thanks! They broke the record for the most ‘Instagrammed’ event ever, overtaking hurricane sandy with over 800,000 photos being shared about it. For a significant part of the day over 200 photos per second about Thanksgiving were being shared.


#BlackFriday   – Because only in America people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have! It was a big one- retailers hit record sales over the day. However it was a flop for social media. An IBM study showed that Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube only generated 0.34% of sales. Twitter generated nothing.  It seems hard to believe, such a major flop for social media…. However, last year Twitter only generated 0.2% as well. It is just the madness of Black Friday. Read more on Mashable


Sociable baby names– I read an article in a paper last year when someone called their child Drew, with the surname Peacock. That’s harsh enough but this week Hashtag Jameson was born. That’s right a couple named their baby Hashtag. Now there is a conspiracy theory that it was just a poorly executed marketing campaign for a whiskey brand – #Jameson, however I think that is just too dumb! Why would you want your brand associated with that? Read more on Yahoo

 hashtag baby


Tech- Samsung’s new all-in-one Galaxy camera allows users to upload images straight to Facebook and you can even play games while you wait. It is the new digital camera with a ‘media device’ built into it. It has Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, a 4.8”inch LCD screen. The iPhone 5 takes 8 megapixel photos- the Galaxy takes 16. Smartphones cannot zoom; the Galaxy has 21x zoom. Check it out


Banned ad – Kayak, the online holiday site, has had their TV advert banned after 400 complaints – I think it is pretty funny- What are your thoughts? Read more at The Guardian


Finally I only wish I had the imagination of this guy. GENIUS!


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