Social Media Newsletter 23/11/2012

From the latest Facebook updates to Susan Boyles behind! <– Bet you weren’t expecting that. Read on…


  • Testing Photo Sync  for iOS. The product will mean that each photo that is saved on the phone will be saved to Facebook. The user is then given the chance to choose which photos are shared with friends. Facebook promises that the photos uploaded will be initially visibly to only you. I personally think this could be a recipe for disaster with people accidentally clicking chare with friends. Lets see if it gets the all clear. Read more on Mashable.
  • Changing the voting system – Since 2009 users have potentially been able to reverse proposed changes to Facebook.  If the change announcement reached 7,000 comments, the change would be put to a public vote. However this system is being changed due to a demand for quality feedback over quantity. Read more on the Wallblog.
  • Facebook also announced that it will share data with Instagram to help build a broader profile of its users.
  • Just another warning of how you really must be careful what you share on Social Networks


Instagram –  This week Instagram launched its official badges, just like Twitter has the follow me button. The aim of the badge is to help brands promote their official profiles with fans across the internet. This button will soon be seen everywhere and if you want to add a badge to your own website go here.


A week of Twitter fails

  • British Airways accidentally retweeted a racist tweet.
  • Co-operative accidentally tweeted a man showing off his abs?!  A case of someone thinking it was their personal account I think.
  • It is believed that the PR people behind the launch of Susan Boyle’s new album came up with the interesting hashtag #SusanAlbumParty.  It doesn’t look that weird right? Now put it all in lowercase letters. #susanalbumparty <– slightly more risqué. Many reviews are referring to it as a PR disaster. However there is no direct link back to Susan or her PR team. Whoever it was it was, the awareness of the new album out, just in time for Christmas, has increased hugely from one organic tweet. Check out more hashtag ‘disasters’ at The Guardian.


Pinterest- 30 days of Pinspiration– Every day throughout December a calendar on the site will be refreshed with links to holiday-themed boards from celebrities, businesses, non-profits, etc. See what’s been pinned so far here.


OldSpice introduced a new change to its adverts which have recently been deteriorating quickly in quality. The new idea is to provide a weird, segue style game for users to play online. It’s quite cool in an old arcade, minimal graphics sort of way. It will be interesting to see how popular it becomes. Check it out


BMW did something a little different for its fans to show just how powerful its new M6 Coupe is – it basically turned its car into a printing press. Because the car can reach 0 to 60mph in 4.1 seconds, paper was laid down over a track while the car drove over them, capturing the moments it reached 60mph. The smart thing was that the tyre prints were then send to BMW fans worldwide, showing them the acceleration of the car. Watch the video here.


Viral Video –(If you haven’t seen it) – Last week Metro created a very strange video to raise awareness of safety need around trains. The video is entitled ‘Dumb Ways to Die’.  With dancing cartoons and personalised songs they reel off a list of some of the stupidest ways to die with a finale of three ways that trains can kill you through your own stupidity/carelessness. Well with over 17 million views they have certainly got their message across!




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