The Death of the Crumpled-Up Shopping List, courtesy @sainsburys

You know the feeling. Last weekend’s big shop seems like years ago, the fridge is now getting perilously bare and you’re reaching the point where pesto on toast is looking like the only viable solution for dinner tonight. The weekly shop looms.

So you start making a list. In the absence of proper paper you tear off the back of an envelope and jot down roughly what you bought last week, with no actual idea what you might make from it all when you bring it home. And then you get to the supermarket, and this happens:

And even though it’s literally just a piece of paper, you still avoid it and pick up the next basket to save yourself the almighty faff of not being able to throw it away because there aren’t any bins, and almost certainly getting it confused with your own shopping list even though the handwriting looks nothing like yours and you don’t even need Wotsits.


But, as we amble haplessly towards a point, what if someone made all of these problems disappear? Yes – all of them! What if, when planning your next big shop, and looking around the 2nd biggest recipe site in the UK (behind only BBC Food) for inspiration, you could click on a recipe you liked the look of and add all of those ingredients to your online shopping basket at your favourite supermarket? Which then got delivered straight to your door?

Wonder no more, because Sainsbury’s have sorted all this nonsense out for you. We’ve teamed up with All Recipes to not only bring you all the inspiration you need for next week’s meals, but with a simple click, you can get Sainsbury’s to bring it right to you. And you can do this on any of the 22,000+ recipes on All Recipes UK. So no more making shopping lists on a torn-up bit of bank statement. No more basket woes. No more pesto on toast.

This campaign is a culmination of fifteen relatively agonising months of hard work, and is a Pioneering Global Media First. That’s right – this is the first time a supermarket has ever provided exclusive click-to-buy functionality on a third-party recipe site.

Not convinced? A couple of FAQs below:

I hate online shopping! They never come on time and it’s expensive!
Don’t worry – Sainsbury’s deliver within a one hour timeslot, and if you’ve never shopped online before (which it sounds like you haven’t), there’s a handy banner on our weekly recipe inspiration page which will give you a handy £10 off your first £50 shop.

But what if I already have some of the things in the recipe? I don’t need two bottles of olive oil!
Me neither! The click-to-basket button opens up a lovely light-box, just like the one in the image below, where you can select which products you like the look of, and deselect the ones you don’t need. So you only add the things you want to your basket.

We’re pretty excited about this, and hope you find it useful!

Posted by Claire Elsworth, Digital Client Services Manager



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