Social Media Newsletter – 16 November

Welcome to this week’s social media newsletter – there are a few updates from the big platforms this week, as Instagram’s popularity grows and grows, Facebook has had a mixed week and Pinterest launched new pages and features for businesses. Also, a bit of Blippar greatness from New Look and Red Bull’s viral video success.

This week, Pinterest launched Pinterest for Businesses – the first official brand pages on the platform, and a strong move towards developing its business model. New features include being able to specify a brand name, Twitter verification and easier access to buttons and widgets for brands to make use of. Could this all indicate that a paid for offering is on its way?

Last week MTV became the first brand to reach 1 million followers Instagram – well a report out this week states that over half of the world’s brands are now on Instagram. And almost one in five of these have over 20,000 followers. There are now 100 million users on Instagram and it has recently enjoyed a faster adoption rate by brands than Pinterest. As well as MTV, other top brands include Starbucks, Burberry and Nike.

At last, some good news for Facebook share prices. This was the week when staff-owned shares were allowed to be sold (that’s 800m shares to be exact) and it was reported that Facebook, and its investors, were getting very nervous after the recent plummet in value. However – stock is up! Share price jumped up by over 11% on Wednesday.

This may be a temporary celebration though as another large brand owner has spoken out this week to say Facebook is driving brands away with its recent algorithm changes and aggressive push on brands to buy space to reach their fans. This picture says it all:

Finally! It’s been confirmed that Facebook will be rolling out share buttons to its iOS and Android apps very soon. It is already available on the mobile site – and been a long time coming!

A few updates for Twitter this week: first up, improvements to Twitter’s search functionality which gives more prominence to video and images and takes context (RTs, favourites etc) of a certain tweet into more account. Articles and photos can be previewed in search too. Secondly, tweets can now be shared directly via email which is an interesting development – and will this extend to other platforms in time?

Oh, and if you fancy seeing your lunch again, check out another new Facebook feature

Following last week’s Shortlist takeover, Blippar is in the news again this week as New Look launched its new Blippar-enabled store in Marble Arch. At the moment, this includes exclusive product news and offers by scanning the POS in store and will be rolled out across Europe.

GoViral released its top 100 brand in social video this week, with Red Bull in at number one. A certain skydiver probably helped them beat Google to top spot, with Disney in third, Nike fourth and Samsung in fifth. The full list is here.

River Island is streaming a live Rihanna gig through its Facebook page next Monday to promote their collaboration and her upcoming clothing collection with RI. There will also be a competition to win tickets via Twitter and 1.5m promotional cards to download her new single. Ok, so not the most ground breaking of campaigns, but bound to be popular nonetheless.

And finally, this is rather amusing – check out Romney’s diminishing popularity in real time at

Posted by Emma Glazier, Social Media Manager


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