Social Media Newsletter 9th October

Presidential Elections and Social Media

  • Breaking Social Media records– Previously the most retweeted picture ever was held by Justin Bieber with 223,376 retweets back in September according to Buzzfeed. After winning the election Obama tweeted the above image which at the time of writing has had over 800,000 retweets. The same image has also broken the record for the most liked image on Facebook with over 4million likes and 560,000 shares. Both images were accompanied by the words ‘4 more years’.
  • During the election the Twitter activity peaked at 327,452 tweets per minute.
  • Before and during the election Hootsuite had set up this Election Command Centre enabling to users to see which candidate was/is being talked about more on social networks.
  • Durex also provided their unique view on what ‘swung’ the elections in favour of Obama.
  • While all this is happening a new mother in Kenya has named her twin sons Barack Obama and Mitt Romney – No I am not kidding!


Facebook –

  • Facebook Global Pages  will allow brands to show localised content to different markets with separate pages for each country, under one common URL. Brands maintain a unified Like and PTAT  account in Facebook Insights from all localised pages, in a single centralised account. Will this be essential or worthwhile for every brand? No, it may not be that beneficial but they are certainly worth knowing about. Read more at We Are Social.
  • Facebook admits that too much of itself probably isn’t healthy with its latest comparison. “Facebook is a lot like cake”. Easily my favourite advert from them so far. Read more on TechCrunch
  • Facebook friendships pages now have their own timelines. Read more on Mashable.



Instagram goes breaking records too:

Coca- Cola has launched its very own Instagram competitor called Happy Places. It looks nice but do we really need another photo sharing app? This comes in the same week that Twitter announces they are launching photo filters to compete with Instagram.


Pinterest update –

  • Pinterest is great, as it is all about sharing your favourite images from across the web with everyone. What if there is something you want to remember but you don’t want to share with everyone? Well now Pinterest are rolling out secret boards.


Google+ – Not doing so well.


  • New High-Tec MasterCard – A credit card with an LCD display and built-in keyboard has been launched in Singapore by MasterCard. Check it out at the BBC
  • Galaxy SIII has stolen the crown from the iPhone as the world’s most popular phone in the third quarter.
  • Shortlist turned its magazine into the world’s first Playable Cover in its special Blippar edition, where every page could be ‘Blippared’ with different content on each page.
  • EE’s 4G non-viral advert – I can’t imagine that getting Kevin Bacon to do your cheesy advert for the newest mobile technology was that cheap so I think EE will be disappointed with fewer than 40k views. Check it out:



  • Christmas lights are up and Christmas ads are coming.  Last week saw huge amounts of buzz for the Starbucks red cups. Today the buzz is around the John Lewis Christmas advert, which isn’t as good as last years in my opinion. What do you think?
  • Asda’s new ‘Sexist’ sparks social debate- Asda’s new advert has sparked huge debate on Twitter and online blogs as to whether it is sexist or not. In my mind it is a piece of great advertising. What do you think? Read more at Marketing week.

Finally I found this blog really insightful: Pictures Of People Scanning QR Codes


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