Social Media Newsletter 02/10/2012


  • The #Sandy Hashtag Page  was set up which provided the latest news for the storm in one area.
  •  The American Red Cross app called ‘The Hurricane’ enabled users to automatically update Twitter, Facebook and their phone contacts with a simple message, “I’m safe.”
  • Gap and American Apparel – FAIL -Brands using world disasters as a way of promoting themselves is not a good move as we have seen in the past.  Well American Apparel and Gap have both used Hurricane #Sandy as a way of increasing the sales and it has certainly caused a storm on Twitter. Read on at Adweek.
  • Some of the most shared images this week were amazing images of Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately the majority of them were fake, one was even taken straight from a film. The main one showed the storm coming in on the Statue of Liberty. The image was actually a Photoshop of two separate images brought together.

So this became a Meme and people edited it to see just how ridiculous they could make the photo. Check these out:


  • Facebook Notification updates – Facebook are rolling out a new option which allows Facebook fans to opt in to be notified every time a brand posts to Facebook.  A way of guaranteeing you see your favourite brands posts. However, if people opt in to this for all the brands they have ‘liked’ they will get bombarded with notifications. I, for example, like 200 brands on Facebook; I don’t have the time to sieve through all of their posts. However for diehard fans it is a useful option and will guarantee engagement for brands. Read more at Inside Facebook

The Times Show their bad side this Halloween

The Times has been criticised for printing a cut-out Halloween mask of Jimmy Savile. Surely we cannot see any more articles from them criticising the BBC for not taking the Savile allegations seriously. The image was met with a lot of angry tweets on Wednesday.

RedBull allows you to Ask Felix!

After RedBull’s record breaking social events of recent weeks they are continuing to gain great engagement on all social platforms. Ask Felix gives you the option to ask the man himself, Felix Baumgartner, a question on Viddy and he may get back to you with a personalised video response. The Redbull Viddy account now has over 37M followers!

Musical Twitter

  • Tweetphony – The main objective of Tweetphony was to raise awareness of the fact that Metropole Orchestra subsidy and existence are under threat. On the site, using a piano, you can create a tweetable tune. The most interesting tweets will be picked by the orchestra, where they will play a special live concert on the 26th.
  • October. Melotweet  is Evian’s new musical app for the iPad. The app turns your Twitter homepage into a music experience enabling you add and remove objects bouncing the tweets in your newsfeed off with different noises in turn creating a tune. Does that sound weird and complicated? It is but it is cool – check it out on PSFK.



  • Badabing!- The most controversial Facebook app to date? Download this app and it scrolls through all your friends available pictures and finds all the bikini photos for you and brings them into one easy access area. What a time saver. (Just kidding – I am sure the sales will be through the roof though!)
  • Path for iPad – The new app looks very clean and smooth.

Opinsy – Social Debating,is a new London-based start-up which wants to harness online opinions in one place and provide a platform for debate. Users can post an Opinsy inviting others to either agree or disagree with them. They can also explain their reasons for leaning to one side or the other in the comments section below the statement. Users log on to through Twitter, Facebook and you can opt in to automatically share what you vote on. Read more Examiner

Social Recruiting

Old Spice has decided to recruit people using 10 different tasks using different social media platforms. Although in some way this is a stupid idea they will hopefully find someone who is as creative as the Old Spice videos because currently they are on a steep decline in my eyes.  Check it out on Adweek


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