Social Media Newsletter 26/10/2012

Windows 8 and Surface have gone on sale today. – According to Microsoft: “Today is the most exciting day in Microsoft’s history”. Windows 8 is designed for all computers, traditional and touchscreens. There is huge buzz around it and it is expected ‘alter advertising platforms and the development of digital technology, such as apps, forever.’ It will be interesting to see how this works out. Have a read of these 5 things you may like and 5 things you may not.

Microsoft also launched today Bing Elections a product to give a “holistic and balanced view” of what’s happening in the world of politics. Read more at The Next Web

In other launches the iPad 4 – 54% of UK iPad owners are annoyed at the release only 7 months after the release of the iPad 3.  On the other hand this piano advert for the iPad mini seems to be a roaring success!


Facebook has a good week! – For the first time in a while there has been positive news for Facebook. While Zynga may be on a continual decline Facebook shares rose 23% on Wednesday as Zuckerberg announced that 14% of Facebook ad revenue comes from mobile.

Twitter ‘Like’ Button – Twitter is trialling out a like button as an alternative to the bookmarking button ‘Favorite’. It would provide a way of showing that you do actually ‘like’ a comment without having to save it or retweet it. However, mimicking Facebook is not a good look in my mind.

Coke Zero experiential campaign with 007

The ad campaign from Coke Zero and the upcoming Bond flick, “Skyfall” is one of my favourites ever. They placed a touchscreen vending machine in Antwerp station in Belgium and when unsuspecting, thirsty people touch the screen they were asked “Want the chance to win exclusive tickets to Skyfall?” If they say yes the violinist next to the machine starts playing the theme tune. The screen then shows “Go to Platform 6. You have 70 seconds to unlock the 007 in you.” Obviously Coke Zero planned this brilliantly so there were numerous obstacles on the way to make it a real James Bond like challenge. My words won’t do it any justice but this is a must see


Jimmy Saville based campaign – The child abuse charity NAPAC, within a week, will run a very clever and brave press and poster ad campaign in relation to the Jimmy Saville scandal. The idea is to encourage people to speak up if they are being or suspect abuse. The iconic ‘Jimm’ll Fix It’ style badge will be the basis for the creative of the campaign and the words changed to things like “Silence Fixed it for Jim”. Amazing in my mind. Read more  at Campaign.


Samsung- too Risqué? – Samsung released a video this week to show how fast the Galaxy SIII can share videos in a funny manner (It is VERY fast BTW!). It was only out for a few moments before it started getting slated because it does in some way imply that the phone can be used to share sex videos.  Who cares though, I think it is great! Read more on Huffington Post


Movemeber – The month when men in general look considerably worse (just in my opinion) as they grow their bizarre facial hair for a long, long month! The original reason for Movember was to raise money for charities for prostate and testicular cancer, which the majority of men continue to do through sponsorship. This year the Movember Bros have partnered with MadeMan and have created their viral video with actor and renowned moustache grower Nick Offerman , In other Movember news Gillette’s 1940s style barber shop launched  in London to support men’s health awareness initiative Movember.


LG advert under fire for being fake – I love LG advertising, they are very clever like this CCTV one  made last December. This week they released another very clever advert where they made the floor of an elevator out of purely TV screens. They then programmed the screens to look although the floor was falling from beneath and therefore scaring the unsuspecting people in the lift. It is a cool idea and if it was real it would be amazing. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be so LG has come under a lot of stick for it. It is definitely worth checking out though as the idea is fantastic. 


New App – Charity DEBRA created a ‘peel here’ app to highlight pain of those who suffer from Epidermolysis Bullosa. It is an impressive and very graphic Facebook app. Check it out

Viral Brand videos

GoPro Hero 3. An amazing advert showing the quality of footage that the camera takes and the endurance of it while filming the world’s most extreme sports.

Blendtech give their view on the smartphone debate of which is better – the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy SIII? obviously they use the classic Blendtech question ‘will it blend?’ to decide.

The Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory (RoMeLa) at Virginia Tech. have showed of their skills by creating a Gangnam Style robot. Quite impressive – check it out on YouTube


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