Social Media Newsletter 12/10/2012

Twitter News

Prime Minister David Cameron has joined Twitter despite having famously claimed “too many twits might make a twat”. Which meant the The Conservative Party and himself topped the charts during conference season.


O2 bosses Twitter AGAIN! – A couple of months ago I wrote about how amazing O2’s social response was to customers on Twitter. Well yet again they have come up trumps. This time after being tweeted in what could be described as ‘ghetto’/’street’/’hood’ etc. vocab; they responded in the same style. The fact they responded in this way meant that everyone retweeted the responses and everyone started talking about how enjoyable they are to follow as a brand on Twitter. Read more here



Lexus – Interactive Print ad – This has to be the most innovative Press Ad I have seen. To bring the Lexus 2013 ES (car) you have to sync the ad with an iPad before placing the device under the page. Already sounds complicated I know! A synchronised display then shines through the paper lighting the car’s headlights to switch on, its wheels to spin and a psychedelic background to roll past. Still unsure? Read more on  Adweek


Social’s latest attempt at fashion– The new idea is for a jacket to inflate when someone ‘pokes’ or ‘likes’ your status. Terrible idea and terribly ugly. It does look cosy though!

Channel 4’s TV show called Plane Crash. The idea behind it (unsurprisingly) was to driven a plane and crash it into a desert. So you may be asking what this has to do with social? Well before hand you could check in to the flight ‘virtually’ with an online check-in. Then through incredible science and technology you will be able to see how you would have fared if you were on that flight. It is a pretty dark but the programme received great engagement, people Facebook newsfeeds became cluttered with Check Ins and viewers shared their results of the crash on Twitter with the #planecrash. Read more on this here.


New apps

The latest version of the Google + App is now available and provides marketers with the opportunity to moderate their business or brand pages on the move. However evidently Google may have rushed into this latest updates as it is pretty ‘clunky’.

Tumblr has unveiled a new iOS app and photo-sharing platform called Photoset which has allowed users to create new picture layouts.

New Facebook ‘Scratch Card’ App for PG Tips – to run in line with their on pack promotion. The app offers Facebook fans the chance to win 6 months’ worth of tea or £100.


Awareness campaign using the Coca-Cola Bears (NOT a Coca- Cola add!).Unusually the Polar bear isn’t being used to promote the happiness of Coca-Cola. The bears are being used to show how ‘all’ fizzy drinks are damaging to our health through an original song called ‘Sugar’ sung by Jason Miraz. Read more at the NY Daily News.


Saying thanks to the Facebook fans in different ways.


Virals and Memes

Viral of the Week- Facebook  (parody) – Last week Facebook released their first advert (Facebook users are like chairs). Although the majority of shares will have been on Facebook still external to Facebook it has had huge numbers of impressions. (Which it has received great praise for!) However, like with everything Facebook does, a great parody was created. This one says that Facebook users aren’t quite like the chairs used in the original!


Meme of the week – If you are travelling on the central line remember to check out the stickers. 


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