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Facebook 1 billion

In case you hadn’t seen, yesterday Mark Zuckerberg announced on TV that Facebook has reached 1 billion monthly users. This means Facebook is now included in the space of companies including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Microsoft that can count one-seventh of humanity as loyal customers. Whether you like Facebook or not that is an impressive feat and they really have come quite a way in under 9 years. He posted a comment announcing it and thanking everyone for being a part of it. He states how he is most proud of helping 1 billion people stay connected. To celebrate this landmark Facebook created their very first advert titled ‘The things that connect us’, which describes Facebook users as ‘chairs’. Are chairs like facebook? It is supposed to be quite an emotional video about how Facebook creates the tools allowing humans to get together and ‘feel human’. Ummmm….. make of that what you will,  the ‘Ad Contrarion’ takes and extremely funny view on it here . The production on the advert is great though and definitely worth checking out. AdAge


Mercedez asks Twitter users to choose outcome of TV ads

The campaign features a series of three ads to promote the car marque’s new A-Class vehicle to younger consumers. The ads centre on a musician (Kano) and a professional driver, who are chased by authorities on their way to a secret gig. At the end of the first two ads viewers will be asked to choose what the characters should do next. They can vote on Twitter with the hashtag #YOUDRIVE.  The first 60-second spot will air during the first commercial break in ‘The X Factor’ on Saturday 6th October. The second ad will follow during the next break with the final ad showing on Sunday. How successful will it be? I don’t know but it is a media first and has created a huge buzz already after releasing a preview earlier this week. I definitely think there will be a huge increase in viewing figures for the XFactor this week! Read more on

Paddy Power does it again.

They never do anything small and last weekend was no exception. Even if you aren’t a sports fan you will love this story. The Ryder Cup is an event over 4 days between the best American golfers and the best European ones. On the last day the Europeans were so far behind most people had given up faith. The American press had completely written them off and were writing stories like this. SO Paddy Power wanted to lift the European players and crowds so sent some tweets in the sky. The tweets, visible from over 20 miles, were written in clouds of smoke by stunt pilots. Each individual character was 200ft taller than the Shard skyscraper. #GoEurope was placed in the tweets and encouraged people to send tweets of encouragement. The whole campaign went viral and was a clever integration of outdoor and social. AND…. Europe ended up pulling off the best comeback of all time. I am sure Paddy Power would love to take some of the credit for it! Read more at TheSun


The first digital bottle top – Strongbow Gold

Strongbow Gold Cider has created the world’s first digital bottle cap. The way it works is that when the cap is flipped off it becomes a trigger for something to happen. What is unknown before by the consumer is what this cap flipping actually triggers. It could be a bang, it could be a spotlight, a song, it could be an automatic FourSquare Check-in. It is an industry first building the relationship between the consumer and the brand, providing a fun unusual social experience. It is still in Beta mode having been tested in Rome and Budapest but watch this space! This could become huge at events. Read more Fast Co Create and check out the video:

Twitter advertising first

Style Watch Magazine sold some of its Twitter real estate this week that hasn’t been sold before. The background wallpaper for their Twitter page was running an ad from Jergens Daily Moisturiser. This is the first time that a background of a Twitter page has been sold and it will no doubt be replicated. Obviously it will likely be press/publisher Twitter pages that sell their spaces but I think there is also an opportunity for celebrities to sell their space too. It is strange that brands haven’t done this before as Twitter currently don’t prevent it. A spokesperson said “the space is the user’s to customise, and we encourage them to be clear if they are promoting something there, for money or other consideration”. It will be interesting to see whether this changes in the future. Read more on : Wallblog

Finally just a handy tip for everyone. If you are feeling the cold already but just can’t put your iPhone down than this is this is all you need to sort your problems out. Evidently they aren’t all that new but I just think they are superb… Hands Free Gloves


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