Social Media Newsletter 28/09/12

MySpace makes a comeback.

15 months ago MySpace was bought by Specific Media and since then we have heard pretty much nothing. However this week  Justin Timberlake (who took an ownership stake in the new MySpace) tweeted a link to  this video showing a sneak peak as to what it will look like. The video points viewers to the new site, where users can give their email address for an invite to the new service. I am not going to lie, the site does look very tempting, it is slick and looks like a mix of Pinterest, Tumblr and the new Windows 8 software. However my concern for them is do people want to invest more time into another social network? Time will tell. Read more on Mashable


Facebook Fake Fans

Yesterday Facebook announced that it was purging fake fans and accounts from Facebook. The reason it is deleting these fake accounts is as it implements site integrity improvements announced last month. This is as a response to the falling share price, by deleting these fans Facebook is giving more transparency to advertisers as to who they are reaching. Facebook claim that on average no more than 1% of fans will be deleted from each page.  For celebrities such as Lady Gaga this has meant they have lost over 50k fans over night. This could really change campaign analysis for brands. Read more on Social Bakers


Special K Tweet Shop

Kellogg’s has launched the first tweet shop. The shop is giving away packets of its newly-launched Special K Cracker crisps in return for a mention on Twitter. Customers are allowed to try the low calorie snacks (usually priced at 60p a pack) and then asked to post a review on the social media site in return for a packet. They are the first company to literally use a social currency. Read more on CampaignLive


KFC’s first social media campaign targets women.

So everyone has been on a date or just been in a restaurant with a girl and she has said “ I will just have some of yours” – No get your own. It is not them wanting to steal your food it is just a way that they cheat themselves into believing they have dieted. This is just one of many ways that women trick themselves into believing they are on track while eating unhealthy foods. Viewers are encouraged to share their “It doesn’t count if…” stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Twitter users can also follow KFC’s@Doesnt-CountIf feed. Read more on Brand Republic


404 Error messages become moving adverts

That annoying moment when you get a ’404 error message’, they all look the same, boring and unchanged…. Until now. The Notfound project encourages businesses to make better use of their 404 error pages, offering an application they can install to turn their pages into ads for missing children in the European Union. Read more on Adweek


Instagram over takes Twitter usage for mobile in the US.

In August 2012 Instagram received an average of 7.3 million daily visitors, while Twitter attracted 6.9 million users, a new report by ComScore said. It also found users spent more time on the photo-sharing site than those who visited Twitter. Instagram visitors spent an average of 257 minutes on the site via mobile phones in August, while those logging on to Twitter spent an average of 170 minutes viewing the site. Read more on The Drum


Innovation – Coca Cola FM turns 1 year old and to celebrate they have turned a magazine print ad into a speaker for smart phones. A very simple yet innovative creation.

Check it out on PSFK


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