Social Media Newsletter 14/09/2012

This week’s social Media Newsletter is packed full of news from Social Media in fashion, the iPhone 5 being bossed by Samsung to the very first video print ad. Read it all here:

Social Media and fashion becoming more integrated.

A few weeks ago you saw the first Social Tshirt. Microsoft teamed up with Bloomingdale’s last week to create the ‘Printing Dress’  which shows your tweets using the hashtag #MSBloomingdales. However the latest bit of tech in fashion is the Google Glass. The main criticism of the Google glass is that it just looks too geeky! How do you make things not look geeky? By using models and designers to promote them. So Google’s cofounder Sergey Brin, took to the Diane von Furstenberg runway wearing Google’s Project Glass Glasses alongside the legendary designer herself. They gave all the models the a some Project Glass Glasses to wear and set them to video mode. The result is the first video shot entirely from non- Google employees. Read more on Expert Reviews


Samsung Vs. Apple Feud continues.

Samsung have not only wrapped the Metro on the release of the  iPhone 5, but they have stolen Apple’s thunder on Twitter too. Samsung very cleverly were the highest bidders for the following Twitter search terms “iPhone”; “iPhone 5”; “new iPhone”; “Apple iPhone”. A great, innovative idea which, judging on the flack that Apple has received lately for being too safe, they wouldn’t have done themselves. In my opinion I wouldn’t have thought the CTR would be that great. It may increase awareness, and impress media people. However, if I search for iPhone 5, I am unlikely to click on Samsung Galaxy. Read more on Adweek

Jimmy Kimmel points out how people will be amazed at the new iPhone no matter how little it has changed. – Viral of the Week

The Jimmy Kimmel show decided to test people’s knowledge of the newest technology around. They went around showing people the new iPhone 5 and asking their thoughts. They were amazed at how lightweight and slick it is. However it wasn’t the iPhone 5, it was actually the 4S, people were just willing to use their imagination when they were told they were holding the iPhone 5, making themselves believe it was an improvement. It is a very amusing and interesting video judging people’s reactions. Check it out :

Do you have good taste in Social Media? Grey Poupon thinks you need it.

Grey Poupon wants to know whether you have good taste? To become a Facebook fan on their page you have to pass their Facebook test  to see whether you ‘cut the mustard’. The algorithm “will search and judge users’ profiles based on their proper use of grammar, art taste, restaurant check-ins, books read” etc. If for example somebody applied in TXT speak then their application could be rejected. It is a fun and innovative idea, even if sophisticated mustard does seem like a bizarre one, but it will guarantee engagement with their fan base. The company now hosts its websites entirely on Pinterest with the aim of spreading Good taste. Read more DMNews

Skype Reporter Sweepstakes

Skype in my eyes were in need of a bit of a game changer. Earlier this year they rolled out some print ads which were excellent. However Google + hangouts is the main selling point for G+ yet barely anyone even knows about Facebook and Skype’s partnership, let alone uses it. (I actually find it quite annoying). So how do you stand out in Social Media? One person to ask would be Lady Gaga, with more Twitter followers than anyone else in the world, 30 million, and her own social network,  that would be a good place to start. This is exactly what they did. Skype became a partner of the ‘Born This Way Ball World Tour’. Now this has opened up many opportunities with them in Social Media. The main focus at the moment is their ‘Skype Reporter Sweepstakes’ where you enter to win 2 tickets to one of the shows and become the official Skype reporter beforehand. Check out their trendy/edgy /cool promo video on The Skype Blog

X Factor (US) Series 2 Premiere breaks Social Media records.

The show received 1.4 million comments from viewers on Twitter and Facebook, making it the most talked about premiere for a series ever. Interestingly this comes at the same time that our newspapers receive weekly updates of how poorly the British X factor ratings are doing. The show created a Twitter battle between all four judges, including Simon Cowell and Britney Spears, asking viewers to tweet their favourite judges hashtag. At it’s peak the show was receiving over 17,000 tweets per minute. Read more on Mashable

D & G create first Video print ad in the UK (Not really Social, but pretty cool)

This week the Marie Claire October issue saw the first ever video print ad in the UK . Amazing, I am still sort of baffled as to how this works, but D&G wanted to advertise in a big way for their 30th anniversary. Evidently it is outrageously expensive though which meant they have only put it in around 10,000 copies of the magazine. So it is unlikely we will see that many more of these in the very near future, however in the US they are already pretty common. Definitely worth checking out, read more on  The Guardian


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