Social Media Newsletter 07/09/12

Paralympic social stats

  • Triple medal winner Ellie Simmonds has seen a boost of 376% in followers on Twitter (up to over 21,000) and 403% on Facebook, to over 18,400 fans since the start of the event.
  • Cyclist Rik Waddon’s Facebook following has rocketed by an enormous 3,278%

The Paralympics is obviously inspiring people all around the world. These Paralympic ads from around the world have helped increase the awareness of the Paralympians’ talents.

Facebook Custom audiences

Custom Audiences let marketers find their offline audiences among Facebook users. You can now find the exact people you want to reach, defined by what you already know. The feature allows companies to target ads to users by email, phone number or user ID if those users have previously provided that information to the advertiser. For example, an online retailer would have a list of customer email addresses and developers would have UIDs for people who use their apps. The idea is to give companies like these an opportunity to reach their existing customers and leads through Facebook rather than increasingly less effective channels such as email. The advertising possibilities for Facebook seem to never end. Read more on Econsultancy
Coca-Cola tries to make the world a happier place after hitting 50 million fans

Coca- Cola is renowned for its feel good campaigns. Well it has continued down this line by trying to make the world a better place by asking its 50 million FB fans how it could be done. The fans have to register their contact information to show they are interested in the scheme. How Coca Cola is planning on using their fans and the ideas will be revealed at a later date. It is interesting that Coca- Cola asked for these contact details the same week that the Custom Audiences advertising is launched. Are they planning on creating more happiness or are they just collecting data which isn’t readily available on Facebook? Read more on

Near Fail – Vauxhall Corsa puts the fun back into driving.

The company narrowly avoided a ban from the ASA after there were 7 complaints that the advert encouraged dangerous and reckless driving. It is a cool ad incorporating speed, bright colours and smoke in a fun way! I like it. What do you think?

Fail -McDonald’s Charity Creative.

Ronald McDonald’s house Charity launched its new campaign which will run across cinema, press, radio – everything basically. It has employed Leo Burnett to come up with the creative for the charity that provides a ‘home away from home’ allowing families to be closer to their young ones while in hospital. The creative is a nice idea, unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be Leo’s. This has led to a focus on the copying of a creative idea rather than the good that the charity will be doing. Read some of the comments here at TheDrum.

Incredibly clever eco-friendly advert from VolksWagen.

It may be the smallest advert it has ever made but it has the potential to make the biggest difference. By creating a print advert to promote Bluemotion, an eco-conscious range of cars, it created a print ad to help save paper, not waste it. The Bluemotion advert was a prepaid postage stamp you then put directly on the magazine and post it off to be recycled. With very minimal effort you save the world with Volkswagen.

Viral of the Week – Carlton Draught

This advert is a great way to show the value of a brand. I would try and explain it but I wouldn’t do it justice. Check it out:


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