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Shopping for a good cause:

Roozt is a new concept in showcasing socially and morally responsible companies – and is “bringing sexy back to giving back”.  The site, coming out from the US, allows shoppers to browse brands and products based on the causes it supports, region of the world or specific product types, and then rewards shoppers that share the products with their friends.  An example is WeWood watches, which plants one tree through American Forests for each purchase.  As shoppers return to the site and purchase – and share – more products, they receive badges and more reward money.  This video explains more.

“I am Barack Obama”

This year’s US Election has once again become a competition in digital and social innovation to reach more voters.  But it’s not just about Twitter and Facebook – this week Barack Obama hosted a live web chat on bookmarking site Reddit answering questions directly and openly to the US public.  It is interesting that Reddit was used for this and the nature of the platform allows a greater word of mouth as users create more content around a topic. He answered questions on Internet freedom, Afghanistan, the economy and his work-life balance. Read more here.

Twitter enhances its ad products:           

Today Twitter announced that it is introducing interest-based ad targeting for it Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts products.  This will allow brands to tailor tweets to different audiences based on what they’re interested in and should improve engagement.  Time will tell… The full story is here.

The Lynx Effect:

I don’t think anyone could have missed the news last week of Prince Harry’s escapades in Las Vegas.  Quick-thinking from Lynx produced a great reactive press ad saying sorry to Harry and it wasn’t their fault. The ad has since gone viral online – and is pretty clever.

Sorry Harry

HMV is checking in:

As it tries to gain back some ground on online competitors, HMV has been increasing its social media activity. It announced new social media cafes a couple of weeks ago, and is now launching a competition on Foursquare to promote the second instalment of The Hunger Games being released.  Participants will need to check in at one of 12 stores across the UK this Sunday between 2.00-3.00pm to be in with a chance of winning tickets to the UK premiere.  Two winners from each store go on to ‘play’ in a final on Oxford Street to win the grand prize.    An interesting one to watch, and will we start seeing Foursquare becoming more mainstream here in the UK?

Odeon fail

There are still plenty of brands out there that don’t know how to cope with a social media crisis.  This week, it’s Odeon’s turn to get it wrong.  A complaint from an Odeon cinema customer posted on its Facebook page is fast approaching 200,000 likes.  The guy goes in to some depth and rants about the extortionate price of tickets, the slow service from the staff and hearing noise from a film in the next screen.   It has sparked off a barrage of comments (16,450 at the time of writing) from other customers sharing their disgruntled stories.  Almost a week later, Odeon decided to respond with a very jovial status about it being a “busy week” on Facebook and ‘by the way, is anyone going to see Total Recall?’  Maybe not at an Odeon I’m not…

“We’re a big corporate brand using Facebook”

The ‘Condescending Corprorate Brand Page’ is a parody Facebook page that makes fun of the more lazy Facebook ‘strategies’ out there.  With a dodgy stock imagery and ‘click like if you have a left hand’ type posts, it does highlight some the many pitfalls some brands make – and is fast approaching 10,000 likes already!  I quite like their custom URL too…

And finally…

Love iPhone? Buy Samsung.
Love iPhone

Posted by Emma Glazier, Social Media Manager


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