Social Media Newsletter

Facebook creates even more advertising slots

This time it has introduced search result adverts like Google. The new adverts dubbed sponsored results only show themselves when the search bar is used. It then displays sponsored results (from within Facebook) which share certain keywords more prominently than the most relevant entries.  This again, is likely to infuriate users initially however they can get rid of the results by simply clicking on the ‘x’ in the corner. Read more on Technutty

Mcdonald’s Social Win

Earlier this year McDonald’s had a bit of a social nightmare. They created a hashtag #McDstories inviting people to share their story about their McDonald’s experience. This resulted in horror stories of what had been found in their food, restaurants and toilets being spread all over Twitter. However they have learnt from their mistakes and created  ‘Our food. Your Questions‘ campaign in Canada which is a specially created website allowing people to ask whatever they want about the McDonald’s food. People have really been going for it as well! For example “Why does your food not rot?” They respond with answers quickly and efficiently and have even made numerous video responses. A great way of providing answers to difficult questions and taking the negatives away from Twitter. Read more on Wallblog


Going on holiday- Google + hangout with Thomson

Thomson has decided to make its holiday experience incredibly social. It is welcoming its holiday goers to resorts pre-departure with a Google + hangout showing them just what they are in for when they get to their resort. It is also creating hashtags for each resort. I haven’t seen anything like this in terms of holiday companies before and no doubt more companies will go down this line. However this is the exact thing I wouldn’t want on a holiday. A holiday is a break from the internet and social networks in my eyes. However it will be interesting to see how effective this is. Read more on BrandRepublic.

New Campaign – Heinz ‘get your name on a bean’

Heinz has started a very strange competition on Facebook to tie in with the unveiling of a new sauce. It is asking fans to go the Facebook page and answer a few simple questions about themselves to find out what sort of bean they are most like. The prize- your name engraved on a bean. Potentially the weirdest campaign I have heard of. It has certainly got people talking. I can only hope that someone with an outrageously long name wins! Read more on CampaignLive

Lynx series of adverts inspired by the Olympics.

The Lynx effect is well known now. It makes men irresistible (it doesn’t actually- trust me). Well LYNX has incorporated Olympic events into a couple of new ‘LYNX effect’ adverts. They are quite macho adverts with hot women running and ‘shot-putting’ in skimpy outfits. However it is a good way of getting on board with the Olympic fever that has taken over. Have a look at the hurdles on YouTube.

Ridic New words-

That’s right. The stupid shortened words like ‘ridic’, ‘vajazzle’ ‘totes’, ‘Lolz’ and even the evil laugh ‘mwahaha’ are among the many new words in The Oxford Dictionary. Read more on Mashable


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