#bitofdecency – How ING Direct is helping to nudge decent behaviour with Metro

For a while one of our most favourite clients @INGdirectUK has worked very hard in cementing itself and its products against the position of a decent way to do banking.  They have done some amazing things both internal and external to ensure that they are doing everything they can do bring a bit of everyday decency to banking and treating customers how they would like to be treated themselves.

Here at @PHD_UK we have worked with them, content agency Drum and @bmbagency to create a partnership which allows us to bring these values out of ING and into a sphere where consumers can interact.

We have partnered with @MetroUK to deliver a campaign which delivers real consumer interaction to bring about small nudges of behavioural change to make the world which we live in a little bit more decent.

As a fully integrated campaign with Metro, together we will be trying to encourage Metro readers to live a life a bit more decent, and to also highlight and allow us to reward those that already act out these values.

Through sponsoring the Good Deed Feed on a daily basis, to editorial pieces reporting on what Metro readers think is happening to decency in the UK, along with Metro providing editorial inspiration of things we can all do to be a bit more decent.

We are also the first brand to work with a National newspaper to allow us to stamp editorial articles we think demonstrates an act of decency and those people reported on will have the chance to be included in nominations to find the UK’s 10 most decent people awards.

The campaign lives in the online world as well as the real world, with content and interaction continuing at www.metro.co.uk/ingd and supported on Twitter through #bitofdecency.

As an agency we are also keen to walk the walk with our clients, so we have adopted an internal initiative to get every PHD’er out there doing acts of decency, and reporting and tweeting about it to spread the word.

Look out soon for news on what PHD’ers do to make the world a bit more decent.

Posted by Jenny Smith, Planning Director; @jenny1997


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