Social Media Newsletter

Another busy week in social Media with numerous changes to social networks and tools, innovative new apps and some great campaigns. Read on –


Facebook shares fall to a record low. The first time they have been valued under $20. In the same week that Groupons’ shares hit a record low too!  – Would you stick with your FB shares or cut and run?


Facebook adverts in Newsfeeds- Maybe seen as an answer to their terrible decline in share prices, Facebook is now integrating adverts into people’s news feeds for a trial period. This will almost certainly frustrate many users who didn’t originally sign up to Facebook to be inundated by adverts everywhere. However it will also affect brands and potentially mean a change in their strategy. The new adverts mean brands could reach people without having any fans at all whereas promoted posts can only be shown to those that already like the page. Read more at TheDrum


Twitter’s updated API is aiming to restrict consumer focused applications in favour of business ones. The new API is due in the next few weeks.


Pinterest released iPad and Android apps and received great reviews.

Klout made dramatic changes overnight due to months/years of constant ridicule over it’s validity in showing how influential someone is in social media. Although the changes seem to be correct in some ways (Obama is now more influential than Bieber), to me it is still unreliable and these changes only clarify that. How can someone’s score change so dramatically overnight? If the scores were so wrong before what makes them more reliable now? Although the scores have dramatically dropped for some, mine have shot up, so in that respect- good job Klout! Read more at Forbes



Organic iPhone app- Everyone wants organic food at the moment, right? It is better for so many reasons, it’s healthy, it is good for the earth, for farmers, for markets/supermarkets and it means you get to look down your nose at those that aren’t eating organic! However can you actually be sure that foods contain what the labels say they do? Well Lapka, the iPhone accessory tells you the exact ‘organicity’ of a piece of food. You connect Lapka to the iPhone at one end and then spear the food in question at the other. If Lapka finds a nitrate concentration — a chemical found in non-organic fertilizers — it will alert you that the food is a fraud. Read more on Mashable


Campaigns, Virals and Blogs.

Gatorade the first mover since the Olympics – The Olympics is over and so is the ban of athletes taking part in non-official sponsors’ adverts. So Gatorade took the first opportunity to use potentially the world’s most famous athlete to show how vital Gatorade was to the games. Who is the guy? Check it out


They are not the only company after Mr Bolt. Shutl, the self-described fastest delivery service, has offered Bolt, the world’s fastest man, a one per cent stake in its business in exchange for his endorsement.  The proposal letter went Viral


Volvo trucks- Extreme?! Extreme sports are a great way to draw people to your brand, RedBull  do it week in week out! Volvo jumped on this bandwagon to promote its trucks. It is a weird concept, but with a woman tight rope walking between two trucks in a near death experience it certainly gets your attention. Check it out on SimplyZesty


Tumblr of the week – Mo Farah Running Away From Things



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