Social Media Newsletter 10/08/12

Written by our Social Media Executive @TomGatenby1 we have news from Usain Bolt to curiosity on Mars. Read on:

Facebook Updates

  • Zynga, the leading provider of social games services have recently come under trouble with EA for copying games. I have always found it strange that people who use Zynga actually spend their own money to buy fake money to play games?! Well now for the first time people can gamble for real money on Facebook.
  • Facebook is trying out a new feature which allows users to send Facebook photos as postcards to friends .



  • Is no longer invite only; it is now open to everyone! Pinterest is already the third most popular Social Network with the average user spending the same amount of time on it as the average Facebook user. We will have to wait and see how this affects the Social Network for better or worse.


  • Nike – In my mind the kings of the Olympic advertising this year. Focusing on using ‘athletes’ from London, not London England, but any other London in the world. Their controversial ad using an out of shape 12 year old with the tagline #FindYourGreatness  has been talked about widely. Many see it as an exploitation of the kid just to sell shoes. However his mother and he have started exercising since filming and Nike have reportedly said they will follow-up the campaign with more footage if they stick to the fitness. There is a potential for a great future success story. Read more:  DailyMail

  • Paper fails –After team GB won Gold in the Dressage (Horse’s imitating crabs) the Daily Express accidentally printed a picture of the Dutch Bronze medal winning team  instead of our champions. However this was only a small image among our other medallist with the title ’22 Carat Gold’.  The Mirror on the other hand had a huge two page spread using the same image.
  • Usain Bolt has been breaking records left right and centre. Well he can add another one as last night after he won the 200m sprint there was 80,000 tweets per minute.  Particularly impressive as evidently CNN mucked up in the states and the US didn’t get to see it live!
  • Meme of the week– U.S. gymnast  McKayla Maroney won a silver medal this week at the Olympics. Amazing for some people, not for her. Her expression pretty much said it all. Her glum expression is now being photo shopped into impressive places or historical events.

New App 

  • Kingsmill Easy Escapes- Having kids and a full time job must be difficult, especially during the holiday time. How do you keep them entertained while they have that much time off?! Fortunately Kingsmill created an app, Easy Escapes, to help organise activities on a daily basis to keep their kids busy.

Other news 


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