This Week’s Social Media Newsletter

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From Boris Johnson to social t-shirts we have it all covered….

Network News

Before pages could only target posts to a few locations and languages.  The new targeting options which will be rolled out to all pages over the next few weeks appropriate content by age, gender, location demographic etc. This will mean a big increase in work between PPC and social and most importantly more in depth analytics.

  • Earlier this week Google bought Wildfire Interactive for around $250m. The company helps run and measure social campaigns and adverts across the Internet and integrates all the top social networks. With the amount of money they have and the desire for measurable results in social media this seems like a good purchase to me. Read more : Techcrunch
  • Arielle Zuckerberg, Mark’s younger sister is now working for Google, presumably after Google’s acquisition of Wildfire. After Randi Zuckerberg left Facebook for Google last year  which now means there are more Zuckerberg family members working for Google than Facebook.
  • Facebook announced that it had over 80 million fake accounts. It is believed that half of these are Justin Bieber fans.
  • Eminem became the first person to reach 60 million fans , while Becks has only managed 20million. Nothing compared to my 147 followers on Twitter!


Olympic campaigns

  • Gillette Light it Up– Official sponsors Proctor & Gamble show their support for team USA in a tremendous light and water show displayed over Boston, including a 60 ft hologram – it is certainly one not to be missed.
  • Shout Loud For VW- I always love Volkswagen campaigns.  To launch its new ‘Up’ car, they reconfigured a car so it was powered by noise. The louder the fans in the car were, the faster the car went. Whichever 4 fans got to the top speed in the 100m space won the tickets. Everyone looks nuts but it’s a real feel good campaign.
  • Tom Daley  received a string of abuse during this week which has lead to an arrested teenager and a suspended football player.
  • Canadian Sour Grapes According to this guy Harrison Mooney the Brits were incredibly rude about the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010. His response is to write about anything negative he can find about the London Olympics in the most cynical form. I think he is going by the old saying ‘Any press is good press’; unfortunately as a journalist that probably isn’t true in this case as everything he has written is just being slated for bad journalism. If you fancy reading his posts
  • To see some funny Olympic ideas that can’t actually be done because of LOCOG, this is the place to go The Drum’s Fauxlympics


Other Social News

  • The world’s very first social media powered t-shirt. The t- shirt will show emotions, videos, take pictures, display voice words … BUT seriously, what self-respecting person is going to want their tweet or Instagram photo of their lunch flashing on their chest? Anyway it certainly is a social media first. Check it out..
  • Memes of the week- Boris Johnson stuck on a Zip Wire . While Olympic divers ‘ facial expressions make a slightly different splash.


New apps

  • The World’s first location based print ad.Café Joe, a coffee company in Israel realised people like coffee with the paper. So they created a QR code app to scan to find your nearest coffee shop so you can grab a coffee to drink  while reading the paper you have just scanned it from.
  • UnBaby Me– Everyone has friends that upload baby pictures to Facebook, once is cool, but 10 times an hour is too much. So Unbaby Me replaces every baby picture with other popular memes like cats. Sucks for me, I hate cats. Evidently baby overloaded newsfeeds is a common concern because the app received 2,000 likes in its first 30 minutes.
  • Renault Four years in Four Pictures ‘, is the idea is to encourage Facebook users to reflect on their last four years through their most ‘liked’ Facebook photos. These Four photos then create a timeline photo of all of them to be used as a cover photo. It is part of an integrated campaign which demonstrates how life can change over four years and how Renault is always there for its customers.  Pretty Cheesy but pretty cool idea

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